The ongoing story of an Ascended Empire (Multiplayer)

stellaris 8 - The ongoing story of an Ascended Empire (Multiplayer)

So we made a 3 way multiplayer and intend to continue it soon again. Here some facts:

It is heavily modded. I.e. ACOT, gigastructures, NSC, Planet diversity and more.

High difficulty with normal habitable planets and highest technology cost.

My girlfriend started as a pacifist xenophile spiritual hamster and bunkered herself in when she found out her neighbours weren't so friendly as she is. But more to that later

My friend started with criminal geckos originating from earth. Literally called the gecko mafia.

I am a militaristic materialist and started as an advanced empire on the brink to technological ascension (for roleplay reasons)

Now the real story begins:


I got a lucky start, an archive world in my vicinity will help achieving technological ascension and even surpass the might of the precursor. Without a jumpdrive the only way into my empire is over one system. Perfect to fortify. I send out my highly advanced scientists to see what's happening out there in the galaxy. It's mixed all sorts of empires. Two fallen ones, one xenophile and one spiritualist. Okay. The xenophile likes me even tho I am a "pleb that has access to dark matter". Good for them, for now. After I made contact with everyone I brought my ships back into my empire. I already began to research on some minor technologies and refit my ships with dark matter torpedoes, shields and rocket launchers, going for full range advantage over low reload should I ever go to war. Though, if not forced upon me I have much more things to worry about than war with those small nations and their puny worries. The gecko mafia was doing okay, a potential candidate for helping with ascension to fight the inevitable that is coming for us in the future, so I gave them the guarantee of independence and build them a ring world with some technological marvels in exchange for loyalty. The other faction I help out are some good hearted xenophiles that just ended up in the wrong corner so I gave them the decision to join as a thrall or get problems with their neighbours. Other than that they are free to do how they please. Meanwhile I unlocked the precursor database, that a famous smuggler "found" laying somewhere unattended. I just payed a huge sum even for me and my advanced methods of resource generation. Time to crack the technological marvels the precursor left. First things first, I need to upgrade all my Ressources it will be an expensive road that I am now on. The geckos are preparing for an assault on the spiritualist fallen empire to get their technologies. I was preparing a fleet to help him out if needed. Those FE, got an attack moon and several high quality fleet and ships, when I get a declaration of war. My neighbor, a substance abusing bird with some hate for xenos thought I overstepped a boundary and his substance fueled spirit friends told them it's a good idea to attack me. Welp, he sends wave after wave against my fortress just for them to disappear into a cloud of junk even before they move in range of their weapons. A sad end and sad that they don't see the bigger picture. But they needed to be stopped or they will destroy themselves in this manner. I send out a small fleet to make an example for everyone thinking it would be good doing this. My fleet ended up upon one of their minor important world's and making a huge chunk of glass floating in the galaxy out of it. They appearently got the message and went into my arms as thralls only for their leader go full trump at me promising to make his nation great again and I will pay for it. Okay no, your will pay with your life and I killed the leader. Hopefully they will go better now.

This is the story so far but it will continue soon

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