The run i had just yesterday (It’s still going)

stellaris 3 - The run i had just yesterday (It's still going)

Alright so i don't play Stellaris very very often but whenever i do, i create little stories to my friends in the "green text" format to make it interesting. My friend, for whomst i have written this, wanted me to share this on a Stellaris board and here i am. Okay, here we go.


>Playing in my new SSD.

>Don't have any saves and lost all my civilizations that i had created (I'm sure they were recoverable from the other disk partition, i was just lazy).


>Create new civilization.

>"I'll try something different. Not the basic fanatic militarist or xenophobe or technocrat to the fullest."


>Fanatic Egualitarian

>Union trait. All humans are equal and conserve their own species despite differences.

>Service & Citizenship trait. You're only a full citizen if you contribute to the army and the State.


>Citizen Republic.jpg


>Human Race


>Start the game. 5 times the native civs and Grand Admiral dificulty.

>Nothing happens for about 15 minutes. My equalitarian republic thrives and i find two planets in the neighbouring hyperlane to the east. Byzantium is formed.

>Two star empires are found in the outskirts. They rapidly close their borders with me and i do it with them.

>Click on the icons to see their government and reputations.

>Fanatic Xenophobe and Holy Tribunal.

helo fish  - The run i had just yesterday (It's still going)


>"Your system has been claimed by X"

98c - The run i had just yesterday (It's still going)


>They are cornering and cutting my acess to the rest of the galaxy. They form and an alliance and both are superior in military power.

>They declare war on me.

>They forget one small detail.

>I'm a democratic republic but i'm a militarist one. The only citizens are soldiers engaged in the army somehow.

>They declared war against all and every citizen in my empire.

>My citizens build garrissons in the star borders and in strategic points. The defenses have about 3k firepower (this is still the early game, first 30~ish years in the game).

c47ccbab6ef41bb7f1855c62211134d8 - The run i had just yesterday (It's still going)


>The Aurora Quintus arrives at the border and makes a steel and shield wall in all their might.

>The first assault begins. 4k of enemy fleets against my 2k + 3k defense station firepower.

>They are relatively easily dealt with. I lose about 1/4 of my fleets but they're being repaired. I lost some defenses from the garrisons.


>mfw they shit out other 4k fleet and reinforce it with 1k more.


>I start to get beaten real bad.

>Every single man is either helping build ships or getting inside them to fight.

>My resources start to drain and i start to lose the war.

>My ships are still on their way but they'll never make it in time.

>But it wasn't over yet. A science ship was on the same system as the enemy fleets.

>The science ship commander opens an open channel with the troops that gets relayed empire-wide.

>"I have always dedicated my life to research and to uncover the mysteries of the universe. This time, although, our destiny is clear. Our enemies are about to defeat us. That's why my last expedition will be for every single one of us. Long live the Empire."

>Footage from the nearly-destroyed space station catches the moment the science ship interrupts its retreat and turns back.

>It recycles its own modules and shields and apply full power.

>It zooms through the enemy formation and the hellstorm of bullets is too slow for it to hit them.

>The science ship keeps moving as fast as possible, making tight turns and unpredictable movements and soon the entire enemy formation is determined to the pursuit.

>They start to get hit. Holes are made in the hull and bits of the ship fall off.

>It's possible to see the last effort from the engines moments before a colission and a big explosion against one of the enemy ships. After the space dust settles, it's possible to see the science ships completely destroyed and the enemy ship intact, due to its shields.


>Screams echo through the empire.

>The enemy formation turns back to resume its attack but it's too late.

>The scientist's sacrifice was not in vain.

>Through the hperlane gate, the enemy commander trembles.

Roman Army Facts Featured - The run i had just yesterday (It's still going)


>Every single soldier and citizen that is watching the battle unfolding screams in unison and charge at full speed. Kinetic bullets and lasers hit the shields but don't penetrate them. They are determined and there's fire in their eyes.

>One by one, the enemy ships are surrounded and destroyed.

>The space station is retaken from alien hands.

>Every citizen jumps and cheers.

>The next day, white peace is signed signaling the end of the war. The republic starts to recover but the memory of those who gave their lives away isn't forgotten.

>27th August 2237. The Dawn Star's day, where a small bright star transformed itself in the flame for a peaceful sunrise.

PepeCrying 013 - The run i had just yesterday (It's still going)


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