The Scourge shall fall. Glory to Terra!

stellaris 5 - The Scourge shall fall. Glory to Terra!

Ok so. I've started many many playthroughs of Stellaris, most of which end because I find a new mod or simply just get bored. So in an effort to combat this, I've spent quite a long time creating a timeline of history for the development of the state and even a Constitution! (It may be based almost word for word on the US Constitution, with just a few things changed, but I can only do so much and it makes sense anyway in a way because the country developed from the ashes of the United States)

Now then, my nation is the Terran Union. (cliche I know, but it sounds better than the "Free Human Union that also has other populations") It's a post apocalyptic, meritocratic citizen stratocracy with authoritarian and fanatic militarist ethics. It's inspired heavily by both the Terminator franchise and the Templin Institute's playthrough of Stellaris. Essentially, in a post Terminator humanity, where Prism (my version of Skynet) developed theoretical research into FTL travel rather than time travel, humanity fully commits itself to the prevention of anything threatening humanity in the same way ever again, especially AI. I''m using the pre-FTL players mod, and it felt very organic to discover FTL travel after the enigmatic cache appeared and was subsequently attacked by Strike Force Griffon. (The Union's first commissioned naval fleet, still active to this day)

The year is currently 2353. I and most of the galaxy have only had FTL capability for about 100 years. The Prethoryn Scourge has arrived. I wanted the crises to feel like genuine, galaxy-shattering events that threaten every single empire, and so the strength slider is at x5, with the start date at the lowest it can possibly be for both.


In a galaxy of 30 empires, the scourge has so far destroyed 3, and it's about to destroy another. It is nearly on my border and I've begun defensive fortifications with a lot of defense stations. I'm producing 100 of energy, food, and minerals every month, even while buying 50 alloys per month. I have two functional fleets, each about 20k in CP. I'm trying to build it up as fast as I can, but I am genuinely concerned. Their battlefleets have 125k CP and I just took the Defender of the Galaxy perk. I don't even have battleships yet. My only big plus against them is that my war doctrine is based upon speed. The Galactic Assembly (Galactic Nations Assembly mod) will only condemn people within the galaxy instead of dealing with the problem ("Ah yes, Prethoryns. We have dismissed that claim") I have been destroying Scourge transports for months now and am soon going to start purpose-building my fleets to deal with the Scourge.

It's entirely possible that Earth will fall, as I have yet to figure out a solution to the obvious lack of parity.

I'm not really looking for tips or anything because I want to discover these organically, I just wanted to post my story and say that this game is fantastic, and the policy and happenings of the Terran Union have been stuck in my head for days now because of it.

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