The sheer frustration of watching your home world die and being helpless to save it.

stellaris 1 - The sheer frustration of watching your home world die and being helpless to save it.

This game really likes to test my patience sometimes. So I am playing as a human lost colony called the “Terran Republic” (real creative I know), I am an Authoritarian, fanatically materialist technocracy.

A few decades into the game I finally run into Earth again through trading contacts with my neighbours, Earth is controlled by a xenophobic, direct democracy called the “Human Democratic coalition” or HDC for short, and they’ve done pretty good for themselves, they have a sprawling empire, a stable economy and the single strongest fleet in the entire galaxy. They did however spawn directly next to the marauders, the are also (just like me) completely surrounded by hostile nations, the only direct connection between my empire and them goes through a hostile shared burden nation called the “One State” the of course closed its borders and declared rivalry towards me and the HDC

Anyways, I improve my relation with my human brethren, we become allies, then friends and then they invite me to form a federation with them, and this is born the Greater Terran Union. Things were going well in the beginning, my economy while relatively small, was still growing, and while my navy was relatively small, no other nation bothered me because I was in a federation with the HDC.

Anyways, after a couple decades of peace, the HDC decide to declare war on a tiny, weak neighbourof theirs, now remember that I have no way to actually participate in this war, but the enemy was weak and the HDC has at least twice the fleet power of the enemy, so a I said what the hell, why not.

The war barely lasted a decade, the HDC thanks to having the worst AI ever got decimated and ended up capitulating, giving up 5 systems to their neighbour, but that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that now the HDC’s fleets were shadow of their former selves, so I had to go on a massive rearmament effort for my fleet, emptying my coffers but managing to build a 24K fleet in the process.


Now so far things were not optimal, but they were still good, all that changed however when the Khan, high off of his victory over an ether drake, decided to unite the marauder tribes and begin their conquest of the galaxy. And who did he decided to begin his conquest with ? Why it’s the militarily and economically exhausted HDC of course, and what HDC system just happens to be just one jump away from the Khan’s territory ? Why it’s none other than Sol, the capital of the HDC and the home planet of all humans in the galaxy.

And although the exhausted HDC managed to put up a decent fight, taking out a decent chunk of the Khan’s fleet, the Khan still has 12K fleet power to the HDC’s remaining 3k, the khan’s fleets are already bombarding Earth, and HDC refugees are already flocking to my planets in droves.

So now I am trapped behind a “closed border” enemy forced to watch as Earth gets ruined and my friend gets subjugated, technically I could declare war on the “One State” so their borders towards me get opened and try to brute force my way towards the khan to destroy him, the only problem with that however is that the “One State” is no push over and they are part of their own federation with a couple of other heavy hitters, I only have 24K power and the ability to build maybe another 12K at most, so I can either take on the “One State” or take on the Khan, but I can’t take them both on.

So now I’m forced to sit there and watch as my alliance crumbles and origin world gets destroyed. I can only imagine the devastation felt by my citizens and they watch earth get defiled and hear the death screams of their Human brethren as they echo across the shroud, all while the Galactic Republic, in all its power and might, stands helplessly on the side lines.

I both love and hate this game.

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