The size of the ships in Stellaris.

stellaris 7 - The size of the ships in Stellaris.

Sooo, I tried to guess the size of Stellaris´s ships.

I´m using the mammalian ship set to base my calcs.

  1. First of all: Why this whole thing migth be something valid?

1A: Stellaris´s scale is mostly left for RP of the player, but, some players (like me) like to base their roleplay in something more concrete

1A2: Migth be usefull to those that like Vs crossovers like UNE vs Tau (40k), CoM vs The Covenant (Halo), maybe.

  1. Where in the Shroud you had pulled those numbers off?

2A: We can´t compare the ships to the planets, because they are out of proportion in comparison to the ships in game, but the ships are in proportion with each other also in game.

First step, finding out the size of the UNE Mammalian colony ship (the math for that will be below), the size of the humble colony ship around 34,320 Km long, or 21,3 Miles.

Second step: Comparring the size of the colony ship to the rest of the ships.

Construction ship= 25,16 km (15,6 miles)

Science Ship= 21,42 km (13,3 miles)

Corvette=14 km (8,6 miles)

Destroyer= 22,1 km (13,7 miles)

Cruiser= 34 Km (21,1 miles)

Battleship= 57,12 km (35,8 miles)

Titan= 78,2 Km (48,1 miles)

Colossus = 78,71 Km (48.9 miles)

Juggernaut= 144,5 km (89.7 miles)


Just to remind eveyone, until you cleanse the ‘’Sprawling Slums’’ this hidden pop doesn´t cost you food, consumer goods, energy etc etc, that means that we can have pops that don’t consume or produce anything are in game.


Remember, there isn´t a official number of how much 1 pop is worth because one number doesn´t fit every single situation in the game and let the devs have some leeway to chance in the future, but in this particular situation ( 01/01/2200) the number given does fit.

And also, is possible to colonize a new world before the time would take to the UNE´s Earth to grow another pop, soo eveything being equal, it´s valid to use 2 pops per colony ship because we can also activate the tradition before another pop would grow and the numbers start to change.

The pop size is like a ruler of sand, is useful to translate to real world scale, but not for very long.

Now the math part.

Earth 2200 Start= 32 Pops + 1 hidden (from Sprawling Slums)

2014 UN prediction for 2200=8,5 Billions of humans.

2019 UN prediction for 2200= 11 Billion humans.

11 Billion/33 pops = 333 million per pop.


The proper ship size calcs.

From the Issac Arthur´s video Arcologies, i´m using 1000 m2 per person (if you want more details, go watch the video.)

1 billion humans, 10^9 x 10^3 = 1.10^12 m2 or 1.000.000 Km2

A area larger than twice the state of California or a bit less than Egypt.

Giving every deck an avarage size of 5 meters in height ,could be more, but as the ship is still ‘’packed’’ when in space, this is the number that I´m going with, 5.000.000 Km3.

(660 px . 250 px . 215 px) Ship´s propotions that I could take from in game prints.

35.475.000 px^3 = 5.000.000 Km^3

1 Px^3 = 140.944 m^3

1 Px=52 m

Colony Ship´s propotions.

34,320 Km Lenght

13,000 Km Width

11,180 Km Height.

If you see some error with the math, feel free to point to how I can fix it.

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