The Slave Market can be a pop market!

stellaris 2 - The Slave Market can be a pop market!

I got a short version and a long version. The short version explains the mechanic and the long version goes in deeper with possible balance and a bit of headcanon

Short version (TLDR) Hi I’d like to share my ideas for the slave market. I really love the slave market and am really excited about it. I was thinking that the "buying and selling" mechanic for pops could be applied to pops that aren’t slaves. It started out with my idea to play as "Robco" from the Fallout universe. Being a Megacorp that sells robots. Tuning the traits to my customers’ needs and then assembling them and selling them on the market. Then i wondered "why wouldn’t that work with regular pops?" But instead of slaves or robots, they are expats. Its like how you resettle pops within your own empire but now it would be like resettling a pop from your empire but to a different empire. It would have costs just like when buying a slave pop.

Long version We have no idea what the slave market looks like right now since that one screenshot that got released. They haven’t shown anything since and that makes me think of 2 things: “They have hit a major balance snag, or they are expanding on the slave market. I hope it’s the latter because a “pop market” ? (That I will call Job Market) has so much potential. In my opinion it would be wasted on being only available for slave traders. Why wouldn’t this work for regular pops? This is how I would love to see a Job Market implemented into the game. Let’s get deeper into it.

Worth of a pop. Lets talk about how much worth a pop has. It looks like the worth of a single pop in 2.2 is less then in the current patch. Currently you only need a maximum of 25 pops to fully exploit a planet. I’ve seen all the streams and dev diaries and its mentioned multiple times that the maximum amount of pops per planet will go into the dozens and some support hundreds. That means the worth of a single pop is way lower because you need more to fully exploit a planet. This is actually a great development because that makes a job market do-able. If you would introduce it in the current patch then I’d be very easy to fill up a planet by just buying pops and thus being very OP. In the future patch you need way more pops per planet.

The way I imagine it works is just like resettlement (But for the love of god with a better UI). You select a pop and put them in the Job market. The pop stays in your empire until its sold and keeps producing until it is sold. The market will work with supply and demand. The price will not be decided by the player. Like the galactic market it will work with a certain price per pop and if allot of pops are bought then the price of the pops go up. This makes it so that it will be extremely expensive to just fill up a newly colonized planet (if enough pops are even available, read on). To prevent buying and reselling of pops for profit there will also be a market fee for pops. Contrary to resources in the galactic market, the pops available actually come from the empires and so if no empires are supplying the market with pops. There will be no pops available to buy. Obviously naming a price for a pop can’t be done right now since the entire economy of the game has been redone. We will have to wait and see what would work best.

Timing of the Job market Wiz mentioned the first dev clash steam that he estimated that the galactic market would be founded 50 years into the game. This was his estimation because it was a game with lots of players. Wiz made it sound that if there are less players or if you are ‘soloing it up’ it will take longer for the Galactic Market to be founded. I think this time period is great for introducing the Job Market to the galaxy. I imagine the Job Market will need some time to get on its feet since empires will actually have to supply pops to make the Job Market function. Starting with a couple empires supplying pops and more and more joining in.


The Expats “An expatriate (often shortened to expat) is a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country other than their native country. “ – Wikipedia.

These are pops that can be “bought” for all empires except xenophobes and slavers. You need a migration treaty to be able to get expats from an empire. (Just like how a megacorp needs a commercial agreement to build branch offices) The pops are “see-through” in the Job Market menu to show all the pops that are expatriates. When you hover over a pop you see which empire it belongs to so you know who to have a migration treaty with. This makes it so you will only be able to exchange pops. This basically works like how your empire has migration and resettlement, but with other empires. A migration treaty gets you the migration part of it, the Job market gets you the resettle part of it. Expats are obviously more expansive then slaves or robots.

No Empire in their right mind will send their people to do a job in an empire that has slaves. There is no guarantee that the expats wont be enslaved the moment they arrive. So the slavers have no access to the Expat side of the Job market.

Balance wise, If it is too easy to get pops then its possible to nerf it by also requiring a commercial agreement. More nerf? Only specialist pops can be expats. Even more nerf?! You can only get pops if you have a certain amount of migration attraction. This all sounds like way too much nerf so lets not do all that xD

The Slaves I imagine we all have a beautiful vision of the slave trade! (… wait did I really say that?!) Slaves can be traded with other empires that can use slaves. Slavers will not sell to those silly empires that think people can’t be property. Why not you may ask. It will greatly conflict with The Expats! Slaves are nice and pretty cheap so that its easy to find the right slave for the right hellhole.

The Robots From the looks of it you can’t just spam robots anymore since you will need to have buildings to produce them per planet. So instead of just building 1 synth each on every one of my 14 planets, and then just instantly throwing them all on the habitat and filling it up immediately, we will now only produce robots if there are assembly plants on the planet. It looks like robots grow slow now and can’t be spammed anymore. This is great news. Robots on the Job market basically become a war of suppliers that have the best Robots. Who has the most trait points per Robot? Who will be the first to sell droids? Or even synthetics! The fun part about this is that its very easy to get the template for these pops but in order to sell them you already have to have them produced. Contrary to slaves and expats, all empires that can have diplomacy can trade robots. But those damn soulless machines might not be for everybody. ?

Conclusion These are some ideas that came to me when I couldn’t sleep last night. I think it would be awesome to have a system like this. Of course all these things are dependent on the economy that will be implemented and might not work at all. Im not a modder myself. I don’t know the first thing about modding, but the devs are really boasting a very moddable system and if it doesn’t work like this then I hope someone can make it happen. Im already getting ahead of myself as the devs haven’t even shown their implementation yet. I’m very interested in what you think of my ideas and what your vision is for the Slave market.


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