The state of micromanagement

stellaris 6 - The state of micromanagement

Lately I have been seeing a lot of people complaining about how much more micro that has been added to the game. I can't help but feel that the opposite is true. The 2.2 district system has reduced the amount of interaction needed to manage an individual planet.

Pre 2.2 with the tile system, we all know that there was deposits where you would have to build on and drag pops to the correct tiles with the job. It was also up to the player to put the pops with the correct traits on the correct tiles. When a new pop finished growing, the player had to again move the pop to a tile with a job because even if there was an open building on the planet, they would not move to the tile with the job and would remain unemployed meaning that overbuilding did not necessarily mean you could just ignore the planet until a certain number of pops grew. There was also the adjacency bonus from the capital building that you had to worry about to maximize the output from the natural deposits.

Post 2.2 you now have districts and buildings and pops automatically take jobs based on their traits (granted there is some weirdness in job weights especially when slavery is involved). When a planet has unemployment, the only thing you have to do is build a building or district and the pops will sort themselves out. By overbuilding districts by a little bit, you can essentially ignore a planet for a few years as pops automatically take jobs.


So what really changed to make this more micro? I think the simple answer is the removal of the planet cap. I specifically remember before 2.2 players complaining that the sector ai was garbage but were especially upset because they had to have the ai control every planet after their 5th colony (after the planet cap increasing bonuses). With 2.2, the planet cap was finally removed and players were free to finally manage all of their planets. Here comes the problem, now that players can freely manage the dozens of planets they control, now the complaint is that there is too much micro even though managing individual planets has gotten easier.

To those that have played since before 2.2, do you think this is a valid assessment of the problem? Also, what could be a solution to this micro problem. Its so easy to say make better sector ai, but that is not a necessarily easy task. Perhaps adding player defined templates for planet development could be a good middle ground solution or maybe the planet cap should be re-introduced and we can all go back to complaining that we can't micro manage every planet.

TLDR: The removal of the planet cap is probably the cause of micro. How could micro be fixed? Should the planet cap come back?

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