The Story of Endless Dunes, the worst and best investment the Amex-Zimeri Combine ever made.

stellaris 2 - The Story of Endless Dunes, the worst and best investment the Amex-Zimeri Combine ever made.

I'm playing a megacorporaion, called the Amex-Zimeri Combine, in a galaxy with very few habitable planets. Given that, even smaller planets are valuable. Such was the case with the 12 tiled desert planet I named Endless Dunes. I settled it around 2225-33-ish

The planet barely grew anywhere. I couldn't yet build gene clinics when the first building slot opened, so I added a robot manufacturing building plant, to try and get 5 more pops.

Problem was, these were simple robots who can't be clerks. Now, i needed te city disctricts to make amenities, and on top of that, the few mining and agri disricts the planet had, were mostly blocked by tile blockers. Growth was slow, stability low, crime high, so i had to waste the second buildign slot on precinct house.

This useless state went on for decades, so long in fact, that by 2270ish, I built my first Ecumenopolis, and decided to resettle the entire population of Endless dunes to it. Wen the planet emptied, two agri districts and a mining district remained on it, which I headcanoned as some poeple staying behind, people who refused to move, eeking out a living from what's left behind.

A hundred years passed, my empire expanded, and I decided, eh, what the heck, I guess it's something, so i colonized it again. For some reason the two pop units that spawned there, were ruler class, so the planet opened with a solid 10% stability until they were demoted. Marvelous opening again for Endless Dunes…


Time went by, ten years in, I discovered the Subterranean civilization on the planet. The event chain played out, and 30 years later I accepted some refugees from them, which seems to have been the final straw in our strained relationship, so they attacked. I decided to defeat them once and for all, which bumped the effective size of the planet from 12 to 20 (IIRC) when I conquered their caverns.

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Right now, I'm in the process of converting thep lanet in to an ecumenopolis, as even with the undeground resources, It's inferior to my other planets.

Long story short, a stuggling, impoverished colony of mine, after being settled for 50 years, was abandoned, small technobarbarian tribes living on it for a century, then, 30 years after reclaiming it, I as attacked by the underground civilization whom I had to conquer, whoch made the place in to economically powerful more then twice its original size, and the planet is now in the process of becoming an Ecumenopolis.

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