The Tragic Speech

stellaris 8 - The Tragic Speech

-A screen of from a Holo-theatre turns on, revealing Emperor Titus Sol the first of his name seen walking up to a podium made of simple stone, he can be seen gripping the podium solemnly before taking a deep breath and began his speech-

“My fellow imperials…since even before the dawn of galactic space travel my ancestors, starting with Augustus Sol the first have always striven to be the sword and shield of the imperial citizen.”

-Cheering can be heard from the countless amount of people in and around the palace grounds before they slowly are silenced by the raising of a hand from the emperor.-

“My mother, Empress Numeria Sol the first of her name said to me once after my lessons. ‘Using the sword alone will lead you to swing wildly and hurt your own people, using the shield to much will lead you to shutting yourself out from the galaxy and stagnation of your body people.’”

-The emperor can be seen sipping a glass of water, a bead of sweat running down the side of his head-

“I took those words to heart and had them engraved on this very podium, and I have kept true to those words.”

-A howl of cheers can be heard echoing throughout the capital as more and more people listen in on the speech before they are once again silence by the emperor.-

“But…I must admit I’ve felt mere hours away from failure, mere hours from letting you down, mere hours from letting my mother down.”

-the emperor is seen using a handkerchief to dry a tear as his voice wavers slightly before he regains his composure just barely.-

“But due to you, my fellow imperials you have kept us strong in the face of threats so barbaric, so violent that we had no choice but to intervene.”

-Footage of battered and burning cruisers, battleships, and Titans can be seen docking or nearly crashing into a starbase causing some civilians to gasp and veterans to look on in sadness.-

“Legio’s Mettia and Appia fought tooth and nail to hold back the onslaught of Iribot fleets, at one point and time it looked as if both Legio’s would have to come home for emergency refit.”


-The emperor can be seen looking down at his podium before looking back up solemnly.-

“Then the reports came in of civilians being slaughtered and processed by the Iribot hive intelligence because they ‘saw organic life as a threat to the galaxy.’ And when those words reached the admirals and generals of the imperial military and its vassals I only gained one sentence back in return. ‘Here we make our stand’.”

-the emperor slams his fist down on the podium and raised his voice-

“We unleashed the full might of our empires on the Iribot! Rallying the beneficial concord forces that were once persecuted by the Iribot before casting the Iribot A.I. Into the ether with it fleets that were once a threat.”

-cheering and chanting can be heard for the armed forces of the imperium and its allies beyond, the emperor continues his speech as the people cheer.-

“And what of the Aldari horde? Lead by their Great Khan who wanted to subjugate the Tarim-Zal and then the rest of the galaxy, what did we say to them then!”

-A unified voice of the Imperial citizens can be heard shouting ‘Here we make our stand!’ Before the emperor continues his speech.-

“Let this be a unifying cry to all those in this galaxy, let this be a show that we are all the same when it comes to the survival of our people, let it be known that together ‘Here we make our stand!’”

-The cheers of imperial citizens and the Emperor soon fade to black before words are displayed on a screen.-

:This speech is known as “The tragic speech” after this speech was Holo-vised an attempt was made on the emperors life which was soon found out to be an assassination attempt from the Qvefoz Stellar Confederation the leader of the Galactic Alliance which still bore a grudge against the Imperium and its vassals, war was declared soon after and the emperor went into a sorrow filled vow of silence until the war came to an end.:

-End of Holo-theatre projection.-

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