The war that broke the galactic economy

stellaris 2 - The war that broke the galactic economy

I guess the Union of Soviet Socialist Regularities is a success of sorts in that I've destroyed galactic capitalism. Space commie run, joined a federation with two others against allied spiritualists and criminal conglomerate. Side note: if you win an expropriation war against a cartel all of the criminals in your worlds become unemployed so that's fun

Anyway one of my federation manages to piss off their robots so much they revolt. At the time I'm upgrading my fleets to pre titan tech so sit right and ponder maybe not being such d*cks to the help

By this point my commodity trades have gotten…COMPLICATED so undocking a 40k fleet with multiple rare elements in upkeep is a big deal and I spend the two years it takes for my fleet to arrive rearranging the economy. I SORT OF fix it by the time I arrive but it's still pretty scary: fleet maintenance is burning 1k energy by itself and trades to sustain the rare elements 2500.

My planets start to grow out of their shoes but since I'm trading everything down to bare parity to pay for my fleet I have no minerals to spare, so they're getting overcrowded and pissed. Also my massive monthly trades have pushed every non rare commodity down under .5 so I'm slowly losing ground


The war itself goes fine, I'm massively outnumbered but they're broke so I make the robots take a Pyrrhic victory while losing a good 60k ships. I hurry and buy up the now cheap alloys, reinforce my fleet, cool one more run should..

Wait. EVERYONE in the galaxy is fu*ked now. The criminal conglomerate has almost all their systems occupied by pirates. The Khan's successors barely have 5k to their names. The other two majors are sputtering around dealing with rebellions and other stuff.

I realize then the horrible truth: by flooding the market with all commodities I've caused a massive deflationary depression across all of existence. No one can sell anything for profit now so no one can buy anything, and existing obligations are bankrupting everyone. Money is worth too much to spend now.

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And I'm running on fumes. The only thing keeping me going is the brief trade freezes as I can't pay for a rare element and I get a bare month of revenue. And I'm two years away from a dock that will properly discount my fleet

And then the robots got another 100k in reinforcements

And then the gray swarm showed up at the gate at my border.

I have finally defeated galactic capitalism and we will all be equal in death

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