The Worm and The End of Cycle

stellaris 8 - The Worm and The End of Cycle

I was here wondering on the symbolism of The Worm. He is an entity that exists outside Time and Space, and has somehow fallen in love with your empire. It showers his love on you through mindbending paradoxes, and eventually asks you to either embrace or reject him. Besides the fact that he gives a nifty trait (tomb world adaptation) and about 7 habitable planets to your home system should you embrace him is beside the point. The price you pay, however, to be stuck forever in a groundhog day, where all that happens have happened already and will happen again is something to take note. It will be a dreadfull curse, unless you embrace what Nietzsche would call "Amor Fati". Perhaps that is the love that The Worm keep talking about. But is everybody ready and willing to embrace the nietzschean ethos required to thrive in a universe where "what was will be"? Cue to the End of Cycle. He is a Shroud entity of tremendous power, though I suspect he is not the strongest, but the weakest one. His powers have been sapped since The Worm sewed the end and the begining together. That is why he tells you that "Your time is not come yet". It will never come, because in the Loop there is no discernible end. "But it may be", says The End, for if you accept it, he will empower you to cut the Loop open. When he fully manifests into the Galaxy, there will not be another turn of the wheel. What was, was, and nothing will ever be again. He is not the end of THIS cycle, but the cycle itself. He came to break the Loop, and the price to free the Galaxy from fate is total anihilation. When you seal the deal, you get empowered beyond your imagination. You are now the emissary of The End. But how does the Galaxy reacts to this? Does the Spirituallist FE awaken in a cruzade to stop the demoniac invasion that will plunge the Galaxy into the void as ancient profecy foretold? Does the Contingency spawn to battle that it was build to protect the universe from, the frigging God of Death and its revenant hosts? No. All Galaxy fall into stuppor… All but the Exiles. They brought The End here for a reason, to break the chains of Fate as imposed by the Worm. And facing doom as an inevitable force is changing the tyrany of the Worm for the tyrany of the End. They wanted control of their fates back, and they will frigging fight for it. Even if the entire Galaxy is against them. Even if it is hopeless. Specially if it is hopeless. And they do not expect thanks from the rest of the Galaxy. They summoned in the God of Death, and they will tell looking in it's eyes "Not Today". Thus their fates will be their own again. And even if beaten, The End probably will smile at them.

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