There really should be a way for mechanics and organics to coexist

stellaris 6 - There really should be a way for mechanics and organics to coexist

I don't know how most people play this game but I for one play it as this interactive sf story maker.

This time I was roleplaying as an ancient, pragmatic but ultimately benevolent artificial intelligence. Chose the moss covered robot with a disk for a head to be the representation of my happy little trip through the galaxy (wiki says the portrait is supposed to be the lithoid version of machines if it helps). Chose my origin to be ruined ringworld and the story just writes itself.

Or something along those lines. I'm not a writer but these stories just come to me and it's what makes the game special. 4 uplifted civilizations later I finally try to integrate the first civilization into my empire. That's what it would do. Why have vassals when you can be in the same empire as equals! So I do that. And oh boy a lot of red notifications jumped out. Okay fine maybe the machines, despite its supposed intelligence, couldn't figure everything out. It's fine you live you learn. The game says I need 26 food per month. Fine, I buy 36 food per month from a neighboring empire for 70 credits and 70 minerals per month. Not a good trade sure but anything for our fleshy friends 🙂


But the unhappiness notification just wouldn't go away. I check out the planet and it says we lack amenities. Oh well I don't have the option of building civilian factories… maybe it's a game thing and would be solved if I built more drone storage? So I do that and the issue persists. So now I decide to give the pathetic fleshbags utopian living standards and that's when I find out that they're slaves.

Not just simple workers who at least get to go home after farming no they're being amalgamated? I'm shocked at the fact that this is the default. Then I find out there's no alternative. There's no other option but to either 1. assimilate them and turn them into robots 2. kill 'em or 3. S U C C

Immersion broken, extremely sad and feeling sorry for imaginary mammals I alt F4d out of the game. How did this happen. I mean it's not even dev oversight, the devs intentionally made it so that the normal interactions are not an option if you're made out of metal bits. Why. Taking care of people and in turn people taking care of the robots? Terminators are cool once in a while but what about robot&frank? I mean you even have custodian robots as default empires so they must've known about the possibilities. I mean for galatea's music playing butt's sake even the terminator is about a robot helping out people.

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