There was a new type of Fallen Empire in a mod i played well over a year ago, havent seen it since but think it should be included in the base game

stellaris 2 - There was a new type of Fallen Empire in a mod i played well over a year ago, havent seen it since but think it should be included in the base game

It was a FA that always spawned with a vassal, but that vassal occupied all the surrounding systems creating a buffer zone for the FA.

Its kinda like the militant isolationist FA except instead of a buffer of empty systems they are occupied by a client state. It has loads of different possible varatations if they added it to the game like Rogue Servitar FA – Buffer of organics they protect and Corporate FA – Subsidiary ect

The whole notion of a FA having either a slave state or a trusted intermediary as a vassal to add a layer of protection to their borders is a great idea that i would love to see implemented and it could add a few new diplomatic and trade options as well

the Corp FA could be set up to trade its resources and Dark matter and Zro to its vassal via monthly trade and that subsidiary acts as a different type of market via extensive stocks in a FA vassal/tributary/subsidiary

Spiritualist FA would have a vassal of its own species that occupies its Holy worlds (mix of tomb and gaia) the vassal would be open to migration treaties with spiritualist pops that want to pilgrimage to protected holy worlds

Militant FA – militant vassal any planets it takes would go to its vassal – since thats the one that borders the player / AI empires it would make the claims so the FA stays protected and its vassal / protective layer expands in any wars – this will increase the threat level of this FA since decadence will have less effect on it – but its own fleet cap will never get insane by owning half the galaxy – you would be fighting a vassal fleet of comparable tech with a terrifying support fleet of FA ships striking your systems at random in any wars.

The Corrupted intelligence FA could spawn surrounded by 5-7 one system vassals each with the corrupted intelligence gov to simulate how corrupted it is – but also having its core worlds + 5-7 homeworld shipyards / fully upgraded starbases protecting it means it could be a seriously difficult group of systems to take when awakened and a cluster of shipyards to rival Utopia platia

I can't remember its name – but you know the one that asks to take citizens to live in its protected zone? that FA could have a vassal that has 2 or 3 sanctuary type systems – and if its easy for the devs make that vassal is set up to auto-buy ALL slaves on the market to free them to live on the ringworlds.


Keepers of knowledge – A vassal that contains a science nexus over its homeworld, a vassal set to inward perfection – a type experiment in technological development on less developed societies

Like i said in the title its not my idea, ive just expanded on it – and it should not replace FA as they just add a chance a FA with a vassal might spawn to add a bit of extra spice

And… while im plugging someone else's idea above i decided to throw in my own idea for a different type of game /FA/crisis. Civil war FA, Basically one FA in the galaxy starts the game in a state of civil war – its systems are split and one side is titled rebels of x. The war exhaustion is modified so the war can't end until the mid or late game. (anyone who has played the excellent New Horizons star trek mod will agree the event chain scripted civil war mechanic works amazingly well) The idea being there is actually an awakened empire in the game from the very start of the game but its engaged in an eternal war with itself – if the war ends in the cease-fire then both sides diplomatic options will open up mid game and they will seek allies like with the war in heaven event – if one side wins then its actions would depend on what the civil war was about….

Fanatic Xenophobe/driven exterminators faction vs Moderates

Fanatic Spituralist faction vs Moderates

If moderates win nothing extreme happens but if either of the fanatics win they go out purging or go out killing non-spituralist empires

It could even be identified to the players at game start by event chain "the stars are turning on" – 'our scientists can't explain it – but a cluster of new stars in our galaxy – how did we not identify it before…' *6 months pass, new event fires* 'dyson spheres… only theoretical but out scientists believe a cluster of dyson spheres where destroyed over 12000 years ago near X system' *identified FA homeworld and makes contact with both sides* so the whole game could be based around the younger races rising up and the end of an ancient FA cival war coming to a close…

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