They fixed the crash!! We can save! (PS4)

stellaris 7 - They fixed the crash!! We can save! (PS4)

I recently came across this game and have spent countless hours developing my wife's "liberal utopia". My wife would focus on the world development and management while I focused on scientific research and managing the creation and upkeep of our fleet.

However recently, there was a massive issue: the game crashed every time it would attempt to save, manual or auto. The error code and explanation given made it sound as though it was a hardware issue, so I backed up my game data (forgot my screenshots!! 😭 ) and did a soft reset. Download from the Playstation Store, Reinstalled, tried playing, same issue.

So I research online and many places indicate problems can persist if a hard reset isn't done. So. Hard Reset. Download. Reinstall. Hours later…

Same issue.

At this point I test multiple save files and games, confirming it's a bug with Stellaris, sigh, and leave the game to effectively gather dust, as any progress we make I cannot keep.

That was a month ago.

Yesterday, while booting up to play a different game, there's a pop-up notification indicating "Stellaris update complete".

Could it be?? Could my wife's liberal utopia, my state-of-the-art navy, be fully realized and enjoyed once more??

Sure enough.

Upon boot up I set the game to auto save each month, and voila. At the end of day 31, the game, which appears to be running much smoother/faster than it had been, now saves without issue. So I test again and again…we're saved!!


The Growth flourishes once more.

This community has been wonderful, so I wanted to share my joy with you, and to let anyone else know, who may have given up as a result of the same bug, that you too can return to greatness!

Shoutout and much love to the programmers who fixed the bug.

Edit/update because it was asked: We're pacifist egalitarians with the most powerful weapons tech and navy in the galaxy. We invested everything early into our scientific advancement and resource gathering. Then a neighbor decided to attack. What was thought to be a certain loss for us (we had an itty bitty navy at the time) became a forced draw as guerrilla tactics destroyed their supply lines and distracted their large, slow forces while my swift, small fleet took system after system.

It was at that point I said "Never again", and took our rather formidable scientific capabilities and turned them to development of shields and weapons.

We STRONGLY encourage peace. 😉

To put it another way, The Prethoryn Scourge made the poor choice of entering the galaxy from the center of my system, so our 500k strong navy defended the galaxy from their scouts and obliterated them before they could spawn the rest of their fleet.

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