Things I would love to see in Stellaris for the future

stellaris 5 - Things I would love to see in Stellaris for the future

The ability to start pre-warp ( not being able to travel to other systems right off the bat, but start as an early space age empire ) so you would get events at the beginning that determines your government, ethics, etc. A cataclysmic event could mean you start with tomb world preference, maybe you start with an observation post above your planet on agressive observation that makes your species xenophobic, but it would be entirely up to you to shape your species. Instead of the usual starting tech research, you would have to unite your planet, and start sending probes to explore all the planets in your system, so once you do it, you get another event "Where do we go from here" so as soon as you do it, you discover what hyperlanes are, and you have the idea of creating Faster than light engines to go beyond your own solar system. You could even have the game start at 2150 instead of the usual 2200, you can see the occasional alien science ship fly by your system, maybe one of their ships crash on your home world and you can cannibalize their tech to learn how to fly. There are so many choices here that could make it a more amazing start.

Another idea I'd love is for more apocalyptic endgame crisis like a massive hyperlane disruption that makes so every 5 years 1 hyperlane completely vanishes, and every 5 years it doubles until eventually no hyperlanes remain, then those who created gateways and jump drives would survive, but those who lagged behind would simply be consumed.

Another endgame crisis would be a star devourer species that goes from system to system simply consuming the star ( Stellarite devourer leviathan ) but in a much larger scale so every star they consume basically destroys that solar system.

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With the current endgame crisis it feels they're simply a "have more than them and win" just like this last one I suggested. I would love to see endgame crisis that aren't just simply resolved by massive military. I want to see endgame crisis where the galaxy begins to die and all species can either work together towards a scientific project ( could be a research project that would take centuries to finish that every species can either contribute or sabotage depending on their good/evil alignment ) or perhaps fund the research with money.

I'd love to see more events that shift the balance of power in the galaxy like an empire who has fallen way behind in tech can suddenly have a random event where they find an ancient derelict that gives them an unique tech that makes them suddenly competitive with the big empires or even surpass them. After playing this around 2500 hours, you always reach a point in the game where you already know who is going to win even if all the empires join up against said empire it's too late. I am currently playing a rogue servitor where I have 16 fleets of 1 million attack power each and if I wanted, could simply declare war on the entire galaxy and not break a sweat and conquer everything. We need more chaotic events that will make the game a unique experience every time you play it.

Would also love for an event where you get to visit the Unbidden/prethoryn swarm home systems.

I really appreciate all the effort the devs put into this game in making the best 4x game in history since Master of Orion came out in 1993, and I can't stop playing and streaming it all the time

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