Thinking positive!

stellaris 5 - Thinking positive!

I have been seeing a bit of negativity about the new update and expansion. I, for one, am really enjoying it. There's so much more planet customization options. I'm still figuring out how to properly build out planets but overall it's much better. One big thing I've personally discovered is that it seems like there's a more susbtantial penalty for building buildings without having the staff to make them function. My 1st playthrough, I made the mistake of building out all the districts on my 1st couple planets and ended up with a huge energy credits deficit. Thought I would jump the gun and have jobs ready for my eminent population growth. The game said NOPE! I also love the new layers of economic resources, it makes a lot of sense. The economy is now a very delicate balance where one little misstep in production can quickly spiral out of control. I'm by no means a Stellaris expert, I'm sure if I streamed a game I would be ripped to shreds over mistakes I make haha. But I just love growing a fictional empire and spreading my tendrils across the galaxy! The game is much more fleshed out and it now really allows you to do that in whatever way you want. From one happy customer, great job Paradox and keep 'em coming!


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