This game has turned me into a villain

stellaris 5 - This game has turned me into a villain

So, I am super new to Stellaris, and over the course of one game I have gone from a relatively peaceful style of playing to something ripped straight out of the Star Wars Imperial Handbooks subsection on how to rule through fear.

The game began with myself, a noob, in the lower left quadrant of the galaxy. My friend who is showing me the ropes spawned in the top right, and the game began as normal with rapid territory snagging etc.

My problems began when I ended up sandwiched between two other peaceful nations. For a while we traded and life was peaceful. But then the Nomads arrived.

They seemed like fine fellows, and all they wanted was a useless wasteland of a planet for a home, which I granted them in exchange for friendship. After many years of a fruitful relationship, I decided to integrate them back into my Empire. A few months later, the merger was complete and we would live happily ever after.

At the same time, I had recently been harming relations with my neighbors to my left in order to join my friends Federation (which had a member that needed me to hate my neighbor before I could join). Said neighbors had a weak military, so I assumed they wouldn't start any trouble out of fear. And I was right…

  • – Untill the slave rebellions began. The former nomad planet had been hemorrhaging stability and was in a state of open rebellion. I had not expected this, and my armies stood no chance. The planet fell, and it declared independence.

….For all of ten seconds before it joined my neighbors on the right. My neighbors had the gall to annex a planet smack in the middle of my empire. This was more than just an attack on my sovereignty, this was an insult to my power and I would NOT stand for it.


So preparations began. My new Federation allies and I were top 3 on the scoreboard and had wormholes linking our systems. My friend sent a fleet with 30k power to assist me in my war efforts, and I assembled a planetary invasion force of 12 land armies to retake the planet.

But that was not enough. They needed to be put in their place and shown that we were not to be trifled with. So I built two fleets, one for invading their home systems and one for bombardment. I laid claim to my former planet, moved my units into position, and declared war.

I began bombardment of my former planet immediately with firing mode set to max damage, civilian casualties be damned. At the same time my fleet had began carving through their home systems, destroying the feeble 700 power ships they had defending them. One by one, systems fell to our might.

And all the while I just kept on bombarding. I didn't want to just beat them down and retake the planet. No, they would simply carry the hate and fear with them for future use. I needed a clean slate, a fresh start. So I obliterated as many civilians as I could before landing my armies, which seized the planet without much resistance.

And afterwards, I contemplated what I had done. I had betrayed my neighbor, and laid waste to them and a planet because the slaves won their independence.

I realize my mistake now, and I feel very dumb. I should have laid claim to some of THEIR planets as well.

And thats why ill be declaring war (again) today.

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