This game needs some kind of auto-resettlement queue for overfilled planets, or at least a rework to the resettlement interface

stellaris 5 - This game needs some kind of auto-resettlement queue for overfilled planets, or at least a rework to the resettlement interface

So I'm just in the endgame of a single player synth ascension run that is going very favourably for me so far. I have a ton of colonised planets, several ring worlds and ecumenopoleis and insane pop growth everywhere. Sounds fun, right?

No. It's micromanagement hell. My mining and generator worlds have all the pops for whom they can provide housing while the ring worlds and ecumenopoleis are barely half full. So I do need the pop growth from all the roboticists on all the planets and worlds, I just don't need those pops in the places they are assembled. Once every minute of continuous game run time (on Fastest game speed) I need to pause the game and manually resettle all the grown pops from the overcrowded worlds to the half-vacant ones, or I risk incurring the negative consequences of high unemployment.

It's not challenging (the resettlement costs are entirely negligible at this point in the game), it's just tiresome and annoying, and it's made worse by the horrible mess that is the resettlement interface, which is nothing but long lists that scroll way too slowly with every turn of the mouse wheel. Oh, and the scroll bars are so slim that it takes way too much effort and carefully precise mouse movement to grab them, so no matter which method I use to scroll down to the unemployed worker pops, it is assured that it will take an unreasonably long time. And then I'll have to do it fifteen more times for all the other overcrowded planets.

And the immigration pull mechanic does not apply because my pops are not grown, but assembled, so there is no help from that end, either.

This is why I'd love to see at least one of the following implemented, preferably all of them:

  1. Some option to auto-resettle newly grown or assembled pops immediately if there are no available jobs for them on their home planet. Ideally there would be several options for the destination: auto-pick the one with the most available jobs (with an optional available housing requirement), set a specific planet, pick the closest one with available jobs, pick random from all the ones with available jobs that are in a specific sector or have a specific colony designation, and so on. I don't mind if this menu becomes cluttered and bothersome to use from all the options, because you'd use it once in a long time for every planet and not every six months of in-game time. This should probably be done in the form of a revocable planetary decision on the source planet that incurs monthly energy cost based on pop assembly speed, so that the total amount of energy credits spent per resettled pop would roughly be the same or even a bit more than it would through manual resettlement.
  2. Make the Home, End, Page Up and Page Down keys work as expected on the resettlement interface.
  3. Automatically sort unemployed pops to the top of the list in the resettlement menu and only THEN sort by stratum and species.
  4. Make the drop-down list of available worlds in the resettlement menu a multi-column one.
  5. Add some "mouse-wheel sensitivity" option to the game settings that allows you to set scrolling speed per "line" scrolled. (I am aware I can set lines per wheel rotation in the Windows settings, but then I have to recalibrate this every time I use a different application. There should be a global setting and an additional fine-tuning option in every application that uses it.)

Additional ideas on how to alleviate this problem are very much welcome, as is reasonable criticism. Share your thoughts.

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