This is the end of the road

stellaris 6 - This is the end of the road

Be me, a xenophobic militant owning a third of the galaxy.

After I built my first six Titans, the Fallen Empire (militant isolationists) – who I've been bordering with since the beginning of the game – decided to awaken, so I immediately ship my six fleets to the two choke points and start a two-pronged attack wiping out their planets population with my Neutron Sweep Colossus. Oddly enough, there wasn't much of resistance when I attacked and took over the about nine systems he owned. As I get ready for my glorious laser of organic deconstruction to wipe all life of his remaining planet. I'm already contemplating in which direction I should expand after. The laser fires, I own the system, but no notification that their empire has been eradicated.
At this point, I'm like WTF?, so I check the map and see they just f'd off to the other side of the galaxy.
So, I decide, since we don't share any borders, to force the automatic Status Quo. Within 10 years the "Fallen" Empire absorbed three Empires and own about a third of the galaxy. After about another five years of preparation for my next purge the End Game Crisis pops.

At this point, I'd like to mention that I''ve never faced the Unbidden, but I've heard enough horror stories on how they just become stronger the longer they exist.

The Unbidden spawn in in the middle of the Fallen Empire, so I save the game and YOLO all my fleets to their portal. (Luckily) I still had access to the Fallen Empire's territory and in a joint effort we squashed the Unbidden within a few months.


Here is the major issue. The Fallen Empire has declared war on me shortly after and their fleet power of their max fleets is about double of that of mine (somehow all of the sudden). I have four choke points (He is literally just flying through the other Empires to attack me) I need to hold and with 7 maxed fleets I'm one fleet short to just defend my glorious Empire. I'm maxed on Naval Capacity and I probably could afford two max fleets over capacity thanks to a Dyson Sphere and 30 planets, but my 64 shipyards are already running overtime trying to fight this lunatic off.

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I thought of a few options:
1)Try to YOLO one front (two choke points) with about five fleets and a colossus, while holding off the other two choke points close with the other four and hope that I can sustain the attrition.

2)Go purely defensive and eventually force the status quo due to war exhaustion

3) Become a Thrall to the Xeno-scum and wait for him to own the majority of the galaxy, and hope that I'll be able to fight back then. (closing the Tech gap)

4) Go back to the save when the Unbidden spawn and hope that they weaken the Fallen Empire, while I expand in the other direction and hope I can fight off the Unbidden super-late game.

Tl;dr: I'm way over my head on this and don't know how to continue.

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