Thoughts on administration from the dev diary

stellaris 2 - Thoughts on administration from the dev diary

Some Thoughts

Administration in general is necessary when something requires organization, planning, direction, etc. It seems to me that pops that are independent should need less administration and pops that are followers or reliant on direction should need more administration. It also seems like it should matter how tightly the government is trying to control the population. If the government is attempting to control every aspect of a persons life, this will require much more administration than if the society lives in anarchy. With these ideas in mind, below are some possible implications.

1) Confident independent pops should require less administration than docile cautious pops as the former require less oversight and instructions than the latter. This relationship would be reversed for crime/deviancy since confident independent pops are more likely to do what they want while docile cautious pops will do what they're told. Confident independent pops are more likely to lead to instability without addition enforcement, but docile cautious pops will require more administration to operate at peak performance. This makes independent populations less stable and more efficient, and it makes docile populations more stable and less efficient.

2) Authoritarian governments should require less administration since the organizational structure is more streamlined. Less meetings 😛 However since they are more hierarchical and allow for less personal choice, there are more opportunities for people to break the rules, meaning more crime will be generated per pop and more enforcement will be necessary. On the flip side egalitarian societies will require a lot of administration to come to a consensus (think voting, meetings, etc), but because more people have their voices heard, when a consensus is reached more people go along with it, leading to less crime/deviancy. This makes authoritarian governments more efficient and less stable, and it makes egalitarian governments less efficient and more stable.

3) Machine intelligence empires are essentially a large society that functions as one unit with a central commanding intelligence. There is almost no tolerance for deviancy and independence. On one side this makes them very similar to an extreme authoritarian government since decisions are almost all made by the central intelligence. This would make for an efficient and less stable empire. However machine empires are essentially a special type of pop as well, one which is very docile. They do only as they're told, and they are prone to inefficiencies if not directed towards useful work. This would make the empire less efficient, since the central intelligence has to decide so much, but it would also make everything more stable. They would be like an authoritarian empire with a docile population and in the end the two might cancel each other out making them more neutral in terms of efficiency and stability.

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4) Hive minds are basically a large society where each individual operates mostly on instinct, but in they're so dependent on one another that they basically end up operating as one giant entity. For a hive mind very little organization is needed. The organization happens naturally without direction. Pops follow their instinct and end up going where they need to be without being told. This means that little administration is needed, but if one of the parts isn't functioning as expected it can throw everyone off. This makes the empire efficient but also prone to instability. On the other hand hive mind pops are also a special type of pop, similar to how machine intelligence have a special type of pop. This pop is very independent. It follows its instincts. This makes hive mind pops require very little oversight, but they are also prone to instability. This combination makes hive minds the ultimate in efficient empires. It can sprawl vast sections of the galaxy without much need for administration. However, it is also prone to "cancer", and sections can split off if deviant pops are not "taken care of".

5) Empire policies, planet decisions, species rights, civics, and diplomatic stances seem like they would all impact administration and crime/deviancy. Decisions and policies that are more strict should require more administration in the empire in order to plan and implement. They should also allow for more rule breaking, since there are more rules, which would lead to inflated crime. For example closed borders with an empire would increase administration needs to implement and it would lead to some crime as some citizens work to smuggle across the border. A second example would be choosing the civic citizen service. This would require more empire administration in order to register and process each citizens term, and it would also lead to more crime as some citizens try and draft dodge. As a final example, the policy saying that slavery is banned would require more administration in order to deal write laws and adjudicate them. It would also lead to more crime as some black market trafficking would begin to take place.

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