Thoughts on the Rogue Servitor experience in 2.2.7

stellaris 2 - Thoughts on the Rogue Servitor experience in 2.2.7

So my latest campaign (my fifth proper campaign in total) saw me playing as Rogue Servitors for the first time. Here are some thoughts on the RS-experience in 2.2.7.

– I got traditions and ascension perks at a ludicrous speed. I had all of them filled shortly before reaching the endgame and could use unity ambitions fairly liberally, until I eventually reached a point where I could've had them all active all the time, despite not taking Executive Vigor or even getting the Proclamation Broadcasts repeatable.

– Thanks to their organic sanctuaries, Rogue Servitors can use Habitats to great effect, and thanks to the boost to complex drone output provided by each bio-trophy, you can choose to produce in a very mineral efficient manner. Since bio-trophies are quite happy with their lives, stability is often at 90% and above, increasing production further.

– Although we are still missing a separate planetary decision to stop bio-trophy growth, I didn't really get to a point where I had too many of them, even after conquering planets filled to the brim with them.

– I really don't like how I was forced to chemically process the hive-minded pops I conquered, even if their hive was genocidal. It got me an opinion penalty until they were all processed, and I would've preferred to simply return them to their hive (as long as it was still around, at least).

– I thought consumer good production would be more of a nightmare, but I didn't find my bio-trophies that demanding.

– You do have very few means of increasing bio-trophy growth, though. An early tech or two, nutritional plentitude, and potentially rapid breeders. No food-decision, no gene clinics, no clone vats or growth-edict.


– Since I couldn't stop bio-trophy growth on a planet-per-planet basis, it was very difficult to actually "finish" a planet (in some cases I still wanted them to produce robots or bio-trophies, but not both). When I lost interest, I had about 40 planets (including some Ringworld segments and Habitats), and micromanaging was becoming a nightmare. 2.3 seriously needs to adress this.

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– War in Heaven is utterly broken, I may make a separate post about that. Just mentioning it because it's a main reason why I lost interest in this galaxy.

– The Unbidden came around 2465, crisis strength at 1.25 or 1.50. They spawned right between me and the Ancient Caretaker FE, and lost the portal before they were even able to build an anchor. Shortest crisis I've ever seen.

– Only one other regular empire actually produced serious fleets (50k), and those guys happened to be Driven Assimilators. Most others had fleets of 15k at most by the time the War in Heaven broke out. I know Glavius' mod resolves this, but since I was still hunting some achievements, I played without it.

Since I was asked, here's my build:

Robot traits: Luxurious, Mass-Produced, Superconductive

Meatbag traits: Weak, Decadent, Adaptive (switched it out for Rapid Breeders for future campaigns), Nomadic, Traditional

Civic: Constructobot

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