Timeline of the Ancient Empires?

stellaris 2 - Timeline of the Ancient Empires?

What is really known about the timeline of all the precursors, fallen empires, and other ancients? I'm especially interested in when the different ancient empires were active relative to each other.

According to the wiki, precursors are even older than the Fallen Empires and Curators, though the source for this is not entirely clear to me. The story of the Yuht makes it clear that they never met any of the Fallen Empires, and it would seem a bit odd if the fallen empires in the height of their power did not interfere with the Zroni civil war; on the other hand I don't see any obvious inconsistencies that would result if the Cybrex existed concurrently with the young fallen empires (indeed, this might explain why the Keepers of Knowledge hate dangerous technology).

We do know that the gate-builders went away before the Curator Order became active on the galactic stage because the Curators will tell you that they have no idea what the deal is with the L-gates. There are also clues about the age of a couple of the fallen empires. The Master Archive of the Keepers of Knowledge is said to contain the collected knowledge of five "galactic ages" (which I presume last ~200 years like typical game of Stellaris), so it seems safe to assume they've been active for at least that long. The age of the Ancient Caretakers is hinted at by the fact that Central Processing has been destroyed so long that they get an overflow error when they try to tell you how many cycles it's been offline for – though if a cycle lasts for a fraction of a second, I guess that doesn't necessarily mean they're particularly old. On the other hand, if the star that Central Processing is built around turned into a black hole on its own, that suggests its been a while.


As for the stories of the ancient empires themselves, the stories of the precursors are obviously known, and the story of the gate builders is known in at least rough outline too, but I'm not entirely sure how much is known about the Curators or the Fallen Empires.

I know that one can find out what the Ancient Caretakers were there to guard against depending on the endgame crisis. And there's a bit to learn about the Militant Isolationists as well, as the general one can find on one of their shielded worlds says he saved his empire from its enemies but was sent away as a war criminal when it was time to negotiate peace (I suspect that he's the one who cracked the world 'Sister' in the Enigmatic Observers capital system, and also suspect that the loss of this world is one of the reasons the Enigmatic Observers went dormant).

From the archeological site, we know that the Holy Guardians are connected to a prophet named Zarqlan (though he isn't necessarily the only relevant figure – job descriptions indicate that their faith is also tied to the Shroud and other saints such as Kazargiel, Mazakudai, and Aznakha). The cracked world in their capital system named "The Mistake" suggests that at one point the Holy Guardians had an internal conflict of such vehemence they destroyed one of their own worlds.

Are there more hints about the stories of any of the ancient empires than these? Or does this about sum up everything that we know about them?

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