Timeline of The Imperium (pt 1)

stellaris 4 - Timeline of The Imperium (pt 1)

Note: This playthrough was inspired by 40k, but it isn't actually 40k. Some mods involved but its mostly aesthetic stuff and the Real Space mod.

This part of the timeline features the "First Extermination War" A ton of material can be taken out of this. So I invite you guys to vote on what event you'd like a short story written for.

2258 |The First Emperor is Dead|

On February 1, 2258, Emperor Marcus Antonius is dead. Monuments have been erected in temple courtyards across Imperial space. His heir, Tiberius Antonius I has succeeded the throne. Time will tell if he enacts reforms, or keeps the status quo.

2259 |First Inter-Stellar Contact|

In August 2259, the first communications from a foreign civilization was established. And it was a threat. From the Penthulan Annihilators, their belief system states that they’re to be the only intelligent species in the galaxy. For reasons humanity can’t quite understand, they have established hostile relations, closed their borders, and activated their starbases. Now it’s a question of when, not if, the Imperium falls into conflict with these purifiers.

2261 |Surrounded by Enemies|

In February 2261, another communication channel has been established. Revealing a reptilian species called the Nharr Swarm. Their motivations are simple. They wish to eat all life in the galaxy. The Imperium now seeing their predicament, Enemies on both the north and south, with no friends or potential buffers between, War is inevitable.

The Military established a plan for the Nharr swarm though. A simple but risky maneuver. The Fleets form a channel into the heart of the beast, while the entirety of the Imperial Army descend to cut off the head of the gestalt consciousness.

As for the Penthulans, it will be a much longer conflict that will require much more efficient supply lines. Needless to say a war with the Penthulans will be long, bloody, and necessary.

2268-2277 |The Nharr Extermination War|

On September 26, 2268, The Emperor declared war on the Nharr Swarm. Intent on wiping out the species, He mobilized the Imperial Navy and the Imperial Legion to the edge of their territorial space. Following through on the proposed military plan, Driving straight for the neck and cutting it off.

The emperor’s words will go down in history. “Let no Alien threaten the light of Humanity. Else the flood waters of mankind put out any memory of them.”

June 6, 2271, The Imperial Navy have successfuly breached Enemy lines and are now bombarding their homeworld. Scheduled for a year, kinetic rods will be shot down into the sprawling hives that cover the alien landscape. The Imperial Navy has done this feat without any casualties.

On May 4, 2272, The Army has hot dropped onto the Nharr homeworld. The orbital bombardments devastating the landscape and garrisons, the ensuing battle was quick and easy, with few casualties sustained. All just after sensors detected a large alien fleet roughly equal to the Imperial Navy’s strength. If the Legions somehow fail, an uncertain future awaits the Imperium of Man.


After a 5 day sweep and clear of major locations, the queen is nowhere to be found. After going through the databanks it appears the Xeno leader evacuated to a planet on edge of their space. With their navy blocking the most direct path. As the saying goes, no plan survives contact with the enemy.

On September 7, 2273, Emperor Tiberius Antonius I has died. He will be known as the Empire’s Guardian Angel, striking out against the Xeno menace before we would have been overrun.

Once again, After the invasion a planet called the Helkiran Mandates, the Nharr have proven quite clever in their tactics. Hoping to stretch the Imperium out and force the citizenry to demand peace. The official location of the queen is unknown. While technical victories have been achieved, It feels like little ground was gained. The xeno homeworld has been retaken. The garrisons fleeing on shuttles and freight ships back to earth. To attempt to halt the constant back and forth, the Admiralty on the front line have decided to engage the enemy fleet in hope that with a weakened enemy, they can have long lasting gains.

January 5, 2275, The Battle of Bikhul has taken place. Faced with overwhelming numbers the Nharr navy had little other option than to face the Imperium or flee. This victory will be placed down in the history books as the first significant battle after Terra’s unification.

On March 22 the same year, Scanners indicated another Nharr Strike group was en-route to Bikhul. This during an assault on the system’s fortified station. The scales are now tipped more in the Nharr’s favor, the ensuing battle will be brutal.

July 19, 2275, the Second Battle of Bikhul has ended in an Imperial Victory. The brutal combat has reduced the Navy’s Fielded ships by 19. 13 Corvettes and 6 Destroyers have been lost in the battle. The crew members will be remembered for their sacrifices. As a result of the losses, the Imperial command ordered the merging of the two navies as a result of losses, while a second navy was constructed. Orders were to retake the Nharr homeworld and any other planets held in their control, and to engage any enemy navy they find on their scanners.

On February 14, 2277, The Second invasion of Nharr has failed. Now extremely fortified and with a heavy garrison, the Legion put up a good fight but was eventually overwhelmed. No surrender was taken, however, as all the men knew their fate if they surrendered. The last stand on Hill 72 will be remembered.

On November 7, 2277, The Nharr sued for peace. It is a white peace. And it is clear that the people grow weary for the Imperium, and the Nharr tire of the fighting. It was signed On November 15, 2277 by Emperor Agrippa I. Putting an end to the First Extermination War. The agreement was Both Factions will keep the territory they’ve occupied, but nothing additional will be made.

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