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stellaris 6 - Times the AI bamboozled you

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A time the AI bamboozled me was in this 3 way federation war in a Huge galaxy, 1k stars, 4 spirals. My federation shall be f1, one enemy federation shall be f2, and the final enemy federation shall be f3.

I had a direct border with f2 and f3 was on the other side of the galaxy, but the L cluster, which I recently cleared, had been opened which allowed f3 to get over to me via the L-gates. I had Primary control over the L cluster and the Nanofactory system was still owned by the Nanopeople. My federation consisted of me, (I was a Rouge Servitor empire), an Authoritarian Fanatic Materialist empire, and my various Vassels which included a Materialist Fanatic Xenophile empire and a Spiritualist Fanatic Militarist empire. f2 consisted of a Hive-mind, a Criminal Syndicate empire with Fanatic Militarist and Authoritarian (these guys are the ones i share the border with) and a Egalitarian Pacifist empire. f3, who was at war with me and f2, consisted of a Hive-mind, Machine intelligence, and Fanatic Spiritualist Militarist empire. (The reason alot of apposing ethics are in Federations together is because of me, I generated alot of threat.) The strongest of f1 is Me, the strongest of f2 is the Criminal Syndicate(we shall now call it CR), and the strongest of f3 is the hive-mind.

Ok, so this is where the Bamboozling starts. I was fighting inside CR territory and i almost rendered their Navy useless. My navy had a total of 240k fleet power, split up into several 40-90k fleets. But oh boy did f2 have some serious federation fleets. They had 3 in total, each one with around 100-150k fleet power. But i had around 200k fleet in the area, with my remaining 40k defending the L-cluster since that is the only way f3 can get to me without going through f2.

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Since f2 had some serious naval power, I decided a plan that I use with fallen or awakened empires, I lure the fleets one at a time and pounce on them with everything i have, slowly tearing down their numbers. So i was about to pounce on one of the federation fleets that belonged to f2, but CR decided "fuck you" and bamboozled me by distracting all but a 90k fleet from breaching the hyperlane that lead to the Federation fleet. Meaning while my fleets were busy dealing with a 20k fleet that CR sent, my 90k fleet was all lonesome against a far more powerful fleet. It is safe to say I stopped that front and decided to go after f3.

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