[Tip] How to properly manage unemployed pops and maximize production output

stellaris 3 - [Tip] How to properly manage unemployed pops and maximize production output

I think it gets asked around often around here how you always have unemployed pops and there are actually simple ways to mitigate unemployment or even rid most if not all of it. Few simple steps:

  1. Identify which pop can do which
    Jobs - [Tip] How to properly manage unemployed pops and maximize production outputjobs. You cannot force a pop to work jobs they can't do/not allowed to do. This is usually the deal with unemployed robots and slaves.
    Slaves by default can only do worker class jobs while
    Population#Robots - [Tip] How to properly manage unemployed pops and maximize production outputrobots can do jobs depending on their tech level and AI policy
    . These can be changed using Set Rights option under Species menu.
  2. Identify which jobs are available on which planet. Open the population tab to see the capacity of jobs in each class/stratum (Ruler, Specialist, Worker). Unemployment happens when these job capacities are full.

Now that we've identified the problems, we can work on several solutions:

  1. Create more jobs. The most obvious answer, early on unemployment can be easily dealt with by creating more jobs. Build more districts, buildings or replace some buildings/districts you don't need (usually later in game). Sometimes this isn't an option, either because the districts are full or you don't have enough resources. Alternatively, you can;
  2. Manage which pop does what job. Your dominant species can always fulfill jobs of all stratum. Robots and Slaves by default can't. So if you have vacant jobs at higher stratum and your dominant species doing jobs at lower stratum, you can force promote them to a higher stratum. That way you are filling jobs of higher stratum while making jobs for lower stratum for your robots and slaves! To do this, you can disable jobs being worked (reducing its priority) by opening the drop-down arrow of each stratum under the population tab. If there's vacancy in a higher stratum, pops that can will automatically promote themselves. Pops of higher stratum cost a higher upkeep, but as long as they're employed, it's worth it. Pops can also be demoted but they take time and while they're unemployed, they still generate crime and instability.

Shift-click minus (-) to immediately decrease priority to zero, shift-click on plus (+) to restore priority to max

  1. Resettle populations. You should totally take unemployed pops and push them somewhere else. Once you've identified which settlements require which jobs, you can resettle pops to other places needed. It costs energy but a working pop is worth more than few energy and once work commences you can quickly recover the investment. If you have unemployed workers that cannot promote themselves and you need pops to work specialist or ruler jobs anyways, prioritize migrating workers that can be promoted. This means migrating your dominant species working those clerk jobs. Clerks can be run by slaves/robots. Unemployed slaves/robots will take their place while your dominant species could be promoted to do other jobs. Resettling population would reduce your population total on your planet, you can only move so many pops before you reach the minimum, below that you'll re-lock previously unlocked building slots. If you have less than the number of pops required to unlock a building slot you already built on, the building will be ruined (the game nicely warns us before doing so, and if you choose to you can repair them later when you have enough pops again).

  2. Stop/slow down population growth. If you have too many robots, you can replace the robot factory building with something else more useful (which creates other jobs too). If you have too much population growth, replace the gene clinics/hospital. Not only they cost upkeep, they generate new unemployed pops. A planet can only support so many pops due to available jobs, housing, and amenities. For temporary options, you can use decisions in the population tab:

5. Purge slaves. Who needs them? Who are they to take your dominant species' jobs? Who cares what the galactic community thinks anyways?

This was all meant to cover only the base game mechanics. With DLCs and mods, you might have different things to consider, but you can do the same as above mentioned methods most of the time. As for DLC mechanics, maybe someone else could point out how they could deal with the situation.

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