Tried out playing as the AI Rebellion/Machine Urising

stellaris 7 - Tried out playing as the AI Rebellion/Machine Urising

I started out playing as a fanatic spiritualist/egalitarian, for the sole purpose to, when it happened, play as the machine uprising. I played on the biggest map with 30 other starting empires. I was very exited and played for a few days, on ironman. By the time the fist fallen empire woke up, my empire was thriving. Had joined a federation with about 5 others. Had a ringworld, a black hole megastructure, and the start of a Dyson sphere.

Then the crisis happened. The Contingency. No biggy, I'd fought them before in different games. I easily destroyed the first of their AI worlds, with a total of +200K fleet power, and slowly moved on to the next one.

While my fleets were in battle over the second AI planet I got a pop-up. The Machine Uprising. Man was I excited. I hesitated for a minute, cause I didn't want to give up my empire, which I'd started to love so dearly. But i thought: "FromOverseas, this is what you wanted, this is what we're doing." Alright, away we go.

Immediately into i realized my mistake. While i had 4 fleets of like ~1600k fleet power and half of the planets my original empire had, my economy was horrendous. It was build for organics, not machines; -5k energy, -1k minerals, -500 food, -27 goods and -420 alloys. Now food and goods aren't that bad, cause you don't need them as a machine empire. But once my energy, mineral and alloy reserves were depleted, shit hit the fan. It gives you crippling debuffs to production and military effectiveness (not sure of the precise numbers though).


sqh5lebrltk21 - Tried out playing as the AI Rebellion/Machine Urising

An impression of how my economy looked

I was capturing systems left and right, hoping to up boost my economy, but that didn't work. A few months into this endeavour I received a notification from a mister organic, even better, it said (basically): "fleets inbound to all your planets."

Well sh*t. Bravely my fleets engaged them in combat, and got absolutely destroyed. After the remaining ships fled to hyperspace, I was left with a fleet strength of 3,6k. Woops. As time went on, my old oppressors slowly gained back their planets. Without resources, fleets or help, the machine uprising didn't more then a year. After surrendering, I was secretly hoping I could take control back over my old empire, but it wasn't meant to be. 🙁

A fun side note, while I was rising up, someone opened up the L-gates which led to the Gray Tempest also saying hello to the galaxy.

So, in the end, I feel a bit empty and lost. I guess that's the game, losing after hours of game play. But still, was there something I coulda/shoulda done better? Or is the Uprising simply doomed to fail from the first second?

tl;dr: Tried playing the machine uprising, failed miserably.

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