Tried syncretic evolution with slavery…micro management hell in mid-late game.

stellaris 2 - Tried syncretic evolution with slavery...micro management hell in mid-late game.

It was totally fine for the early game, but once I started switching to a specialist economy instead of a worker one, the micro management got ridiculous.

So I went bio path and had the slaves nerv stapled with serviles for +15% resources and they were chattel slavery for an additional +10%. The perfect scenario here would be slaves filling up worker jobs to get the 25% resource bonus while my pops limit themselves to specialist and above jobs…combined with a stratified economy, this would mean easy happiness levels and high stability. Perfect right?

Except that you cant do that. What happens is that once your main species grow, they kick out the slaves from the worker jobs, so you lose all the resource bonuses from having slaves in worker jobs.

I was using the auto pop migration mod and it made things worse as well. The mod doesnt check if the free jobs are valid for the pop before resettling them…so if there are free specialist jobs, the mod resettles slaves there which cant do the specialist jobs, then it spends more and more credits shuffling the slaves around trying to get them employed.

It also does this with unemployed rulers…just keeps shuffling merchants around forever draining your credits (since rulers take forever to demote).


Same issue with robots. Free specialist jobs, moves robots over, robots cant work the job (due to not having droid or synth tech), infinite reshuffling.

As far as I can tell there is no mechanic to tell the game "reserve these worker jobs for the slaves" to get their resource bonus. Your main species will always take priority for jobs which just results in micro management hell because once the pop grows, slaves get unemployed and you lose the resource bonus from using slaves.

Got excess of your main species? Cant exactly get rid of them either (unless you take slaver guilds i guess).

The way pop management is setup, it severly discourages running more than one species. There are lots of bonuses for doing so, like being able to gene mode a species to be perfect for a certain job, but the sheer hassle of doing so is insane. It's just way easier to run one species…no hassle of trying to manage a pop ratios.

Anyone know if theres a mod that lets you manage the pop ratios or jobs better, like reserving worker jobs for slaves only, stuff like that? Fanatic authoritian + syncretic evolution + chattel slaves + bio path felt really strong resource wise, till the micro management got ridiculous.

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