Unequal Treaties with Fallen Empires

stellaris 2 - Unequal Treaties with Fallen Empires

I've been seeing many posts lately concerning new ideas for Fallen Empires. These posts, coupled with an interaction with some Militant Isolationists in a recent play-through, gave me an idea for a way to expand diplomacy with Fallen Empires.

In the aftermath of the First Opium War (1839-42) between Great Britain and the Qing Dynasty of China, the latter was subjected to a number of humiliating concessions by the former in the peace deal. Sensing China's weakness, the rest of the 19th century saw the other European powers, as well as the United States and Japan, extract similar concessions from China.

These deals came to be known as the "Unequal Treaties" in China, and included the ceding/leasing of territory, financial reparations, one-sided trade deals (the original "worst trade deal in the history of trade deals", if you will), among many other concessions of sovereignty.

What does this have to do with Stellaris, you ask? Simple. I propose that, after defeating a Fallen Empire in a war, the player can have the option to force the broken FE into an Unequal Treaty similar to the ones above.

These treaties could include:

  • Ceding systems or allowing you to colonise border systems if they're Militant Isolationists (of course you can effectively already do this, but there could be incentives for doing it via treaty, such as increasing resource production in a system or having bolstered immigration from your empire to the ceded territory).

  • Paying lump sums of energy credits, minerals, alloys, etc as reparations, or perhaps a percentage of the FE’s total production every month.

  • Forcing the FE into 'normal' diplomatic treaties such as defensive pacts, non-aggression pacts, commercial pacts, research agreements and migration treaties. Perhaps even turning them into your vassal if they're weak enough (and if not, another war should sort them out).

  • A slightly novel idea I had, inspired by the Chinese "treaty ports", would be an empire gaining access to the FE's internal trade network. The starbases in the FE's territory would connect their trade value to the trade routes in the neighbouring dick-swinging empire's territory, allowing them to 'extract' value from the FE.

I think this would be an incredibly immersive way to add some flavour to Fallen Empires in the mid-to-late game and to make some more interesting interactions with them.

I'd love to know what everyone thinks, and suggestions/improvements are welcome!

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