Unique Hive Mind Civic: Harmonious Collective

stellaris 8 - Unique Hive Mind Civic: Harmonious Collective


Having played most of the unique civics at this point, I notice that Hive Minds have notably less options than Machines and normal Organics. In order to rectify this, I'd like to propose a new unique civic called Harmonious Collective.


  1. A "cultural victory" type hive mind to contrast the "total war" Devouring Swarm Civic.
  2. Meaningfully unique gameplay, especially insofar as it can subvert normal hive mind play patterns.
  3. A thematically appropriate and believable civic, with technologies that contribute to the overall flavor of the empire.
  4. Maintain some level of balance overall, though all numbers are very much guesses rather than research.

Harmonious Collective:

Under shining oceans and among verdant forests, we woke, and perceived around us the heartbeat of the universe. All that is and was streched before us, and we knew our place among a glorious, vibrant whole.

The primary idea behind the Harmonious Collective is to flip the normal Hive Mind centers of strength. It is exceptionally weak early game due to limited growth, but makes up for it by allowing immigration, and finally becomes strong lategame through a combination of terraforming and happiness/stability.


+ 10 Stability

+ 15 Admin Cap

+ 25% Immigration Pull (25% Higher than normal empires)

+ 25 Opinion Modifier: Harmonious Collective

+ All immigrant pops live under "Utopian Harmony" living standards.

+ Cassus Belli: "Remake Abomination": Enemy empire has a Machine, Hive, or Ecumenopolis world.


+ No wars of aggression, Refugees always welcome

– 15% Growth Speed Penalty (compared to normal empires, not compared to normal gestalt)

– Cannot build hive worlds

+ 15% Food Consumption Penalty

+ 25% Cost of Colony Ships Penalty

+ 25% Colony Build Time Penalty

+ 20% War Weariness Penalty


The Collective is careful and respectful, each growth must be made in harmony with the surrounding world.


+ Unique Trait : Mutualistic Symbiosis: Pops gain the trait "Symbiotic", which decreases their productivity by 10%. Empire productivity increases by 10%.

The Collective is uniquely able to help other species flourish; immigrants invariably find themselves in peak condition.

+ Unique Civic: Harmonious Directive: Admin jobs (Harmonizers) also generate + 5 stability.

Harmonizers in the Collective are focused on the well-being and happiness of its residents.

+ Unique Technology: Captivating Vistas: + 25% Immigration Pull, +5% Happiness.

The exceptional natural beauty of Collective worlds is known throughout the galaxy.

+ Unique Technology: Delightful Flora and Fauna: + 25% Immigration Pull, +5% Happiness.

Collective worlds have the tastiest crops, and the friendliest animals.

+ Ascension Perk: Ecological Harmony: Habitability on colonized worlds increases 2% every year.

The Collective acts as a guiding hand in any ecosystem it inhabits.

+ Ascension Perk: Paradise Found (Replaces Hive Worlds): Worlds with 100% habitability are automatically terraformed into Gaia Worlds at 1/2 speed.

The Collective is now adept at perfecting entire ecological webs, creating ideal conditions on any world it inhabits.

+ Special Project: Paradise Shared : (Lose 15 pops for the duration, Lose 5000 energy), (Gain + 4 influence and + 4 Unity for the duration), (End result: Terraform another empire's capital into a gaia world, +100 opinion modifier: Paradise on )

To harm another is to harm oneself. To help another is to help oneself. We are but one star among a wonderous constellation. May our light warm all those around us.

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