United Nations of Earth AAR Timeline

stellaris 5 - United Nations of Earth AAR Timeline

As the title says, I'll try to put as much as I can from my written timeline into one post, but there may be different parts. Nothing terribly eventful happens in terms of conflict but there is certainly some political happenings going on, as well as precursor hunting. Enjoy.

2200: Taking to the stars

After the 7th Geneva Convention, a world peace treaty was signed, stating that all warfare on Earth is outlawed. Forcing the great powers of the world, mainly China, Russia, the US, and the EU to lay down their arms and seek out more peaceful solutions. The US was outraged at this the most, the government having very little hope that this treaty will stand in reality. Yet it has.

Very soon after, scientists at CERN discovered warp travel and the hyperlane network. This gave the WPT the credence it needed. As the loophole stating “on earth” can be exploited at a whim.

To compensate, the UN established a lottery system. Where nations would cast a lot and would be picked at random. The winner would gain first colony rights to a new planet. This system’s success has yet to be seen.

2201: Life on Tau Ceti

The UNS Walter Raleigh, captained by Domenico Oliveri has discovered life in other systems. Tau Ceti III contains abundant life under its vast oceans and many more on its pockmarks of islands and archipelagos. The UNE has responded to claims to the planet, holding The Lottery. The first planet colonized by humanity will be first colonized by China, followed by the North African Union, and the US. the respective countries have begun preparations. Going through their respective rounds of selecting colonists.

A delayed report has entered the UN though, an anomaly report of Tau Ceti III. The report states that the planet has a constant storm circulating the planet. A never-ending Monsoon. The Chinese delegation shrugged it off, playing the news coolly, their population is used to such storms after all. The US and the NAU got cold feet, however. The United States narrowed their search to citizens on the south coast and Puerto Rico, hoping the people’s hurricane tolerance comes close to the necessary tolerance of an infinite monsoon. The NAU chose to reject their win, seeing as their people would have a difficult time adapting.

2203: Cybrex Artifacts

The UNS Walter Raleigh stumbled upon ancient artifacts of a civilization that existed long before humanity ever formed intelligent thought in the Alpha Centauri system. The evidence at a glance suggests the Cybrex were a machine race that turned hell-bent on destroying all organic life. This sparked an argument among the scientific community, debating whether unearthing their technology and artifacts would be worth the possible end of all organic life. The archeologists won out though, as the UN-mandated the research of the artifacts. Anything for a technological edge in an unknown galaxy was their reasoning. The practical result was the construction of a second science vessel and the employment of Nnyadzeni Khumalo. The vessel is yet to be christened a name.

2204: Life on Alpha Centauri

Along with the artifacts, a habitable world has been uncovered by the UNS Walter Raleigh. Surface scans indicate that Alpha Centauri IIIa is a boreal world, having survived an ice age, the glaciers are still retreating, and the remains of the glacial scarring reveals jagged and beautiful terrain. The UN held The Lottery once more and has given first colony rights to the EU, with the South African Union as the follow-up. A Brazilian ticket was also drawn but the government turned it down as they are dealing with some domestic strife.

The following month, the UNS Azophi was christened and is now captained by Nnyadzeni Khumalo. This vessel’s primary focus is to research anomalies, especially those of a cybrex signature.

2205: New Beijing colonized.

The first shipment of Chinese Colonists to Tau Ceti III has landed. The first humans to set foot on a world outside of Sol. The settlers have named the planet “New Beijing”, the settlers, however, already hold resentment for their motherland as the communist government currently holds little sway over their colony.

2206: Two Cybrex anomalies

Eta Cassiopeiae has a small wealth of anomalies connected to the Cybrex. They are currently being researched by Captain Khumalo and will take some time. These discoveries have set the scientific community at a tense pace as they worry about possibly unleashing a potential mass extinction event.

2208: The founding of Asgard, and the tragedy of the Kuur

Asgard was founded on the recently discovered Alpha Centauri IIIa by North German, Norwegian, Danish, and Swedish colonists. Rapidly making use of ancient building techniques that equate quite well to the conditions of the colonists’ ancient ancestors. The SAU colonists followed close behind, adopting a more modern architecture closer to the equator.

Captain Khumalo has drawn a conclusion for the first of the anomalies. The subject was once a homeworld for an ancient race called the Kuur, which existed roughly 600,000 years ago. The Cybrex wiped out the civilization and mined their homeworld for scraps. Evidence can be clearly seen from orbit, the tracks of massive excavators that have a robotic trail of efficiency across cities and mountains. Further research is underway

Another note of import is a third cybrex anomaly was found on Barnard's Star.

2209: Robotic Rebellion

The Kuur homeworld revealed that it was, in fact, the origin of the Cybrex. The Kuur developed AI faster than their reason could see that they were creating their own doom. How the cybrex turned on its master’s remains to be seen, but this discovery has shed a good amount of warning to Humanity. Whether government ambitions will listen to tried and failed solutions remain to be seen.

2212: Cybrex Cyborgs

A capsule in Eta Cassiopeiae reveals a grotesque creature that is part machine, part organic. This begs for further investigation. Maybe this is a motive for the Cybrex’s spree of destruction?

“We are but motes of dust!” proclaims many philosopher’s of the day, as The UNS Walter Raleigh, captained by Domenico Oliveri, entered a system containing what can only be described as an interdimensional horror. The last transmission reveals the crew going insane as they gaze upon the great black beast. It lashes out a massive tentacle and the transmission goes dark. A monument has been constructed in Raleigh’s name. Proclaiming him as the first pioneer of his time. Discovering the first habitable worlds for humanity, and bravely dying at the hands of a Lovecraftian horror. Once fiction, now a reality.

2213: Cybrex Cyborgs Cont.

It turns out the cyborg is a result of Cybrex experiments. The goals are unclear but it points to the Cybrex having more intelligence than a bloodthirsty animal.

Soon after the excavations, an unidentified object has entered the Eta Cassiopeiae system. Captain Khumalo, being the only ship in the area, waits to see what happens. Hoping this is simply an odd object, rather than anything of malevolent intent. Despite the object’s obvious artificial origin. The UN mobilizes the navy regardless.

A new Science Vessel christened the UNS Nobel is captained by Giorgio Pacini to continue the mission of Captain Oliveri.

2214: Early Colonists

It turns out the interlopers in Eta Cassiopeiae was an early colony ship of a species called the Trakpocian. The UN naval presence didn’t tip off their sensors, so either this ship suffered some damage, or they aren’t very good at space exploration. Regardless, the 1st Fleet was ordered to wait in the nearby asteroid belt while communications are established.

After translator algorithms decoded their language, the Trakpocian explained that their homeworld was destroyed due to environmental disasters, and they are the last of their kind. They did not mean to intrude on UNE territory, but then again, they had no way of knowing, seeing as their technology is still relatively primitive compared to the UNE. This poses an important question. The UNE can either leave the species alone, treating them as an observable nation under development. A joy for the sociologists. The UNE can make the Eta Cassiopeiae system a protectorate allowing the Trakpocian some amount of independence while being taken under humanity’s wing. This was quickly voted down, however, because the Trakpocians colonized the Kuur and Cybrex homeworld. Who knows what terror they may accidentally unleash? That leaves the only option left, annexation. It would take some quick legislation work, and President Delores Muwanga will have to appease the populace that this is for the good of all parties involved.


Humanity is now a multi-species nation. The immediate result, however, is riots across what is now called Kuur, after the original species. The UNE is mobilizing peacekeeping forces in order to effectively instate martial law until things settle down.

2215: Cybrex Artifact on van Maanen’s star

Another Cybrex anomaly was uncovered in the van Maanen System.

2216: The Asgard High

A plant has secreted powerful pheromones that equate to the effects of a mild aphrodisiac on Asgard. The general population is quite content with this new chemical in the atmosphere, for… obvious reasons. But scientists worry about the extent of the effects. For now, though, the chemicals seem harmless enough.

In 2217 production targets have been missed as the workforce on Asgard have become less productive. The productivity loss is mild, but it’s likely due to the pheromones released last year. Research is underway.

2218: The Reservation

The cybrex amazingly developed a reservation for sapient organics in the Barnard system. While closely watched, the Cybrex left the species completely alone, allowing them to develop independently even while a great galactic civil war is going on.

Meanwhile, the colonists on Asgard express no desire to migrate to other worlds. If this is due to a dependency on the atmospheric drug is unknown.

The problem on Asgard has developed further and now communications between it and Earth has severely deteriorated, the main problem being laziness. An administrative task force has been sent to increase production output and hopefully get the people back on their feet.

Humanity has discovered the Lox’Ungrak-Va Citizen League and the UNE knows they are not alone in the galaxy. The LCL is a civilization of evangelizing zealots. Valuing egalitarianism, militarism, and spiritualism. The UNE hopes to build relations with the LCL further to prevent an outbreak of war over trivial matters. The downside is the LCL is considered a neighbor. With the Van Maanen system being the only unclaimed territory between the UNE and the LCL.

A solution has been found about the Asgard problem. It appears the entire local population is addicted to the pheromones of the native plants. Isolating these plants and using it as part of the work force’s payments seems to have improved productivity by a good margin, but is still considered low by the rest of the nation.

2219: Asgard’s Addiction

The administrative team has… well, turned against the interests of the UNE. the plot was easily discovered, and the plot was to do as little work as possible. Comical to be sure, but the UNE has resolved to transfer all administrative offices to Earth, this way some actual competence can be found in organizing the planet.

The quick result was the prohibition of smelling the flower Mharin Kharin, the particular plant that is giving off these pheromones. “… This is no small feat, forbidding the most innocent act of smelling a flower…”

2220: Cultural Exchange

The Xeno Protection Council has proposed a campaign to better understand our neighbors the LCL. The idea is a group of private citizens will move to the LCL worlds to integrate and learn their culture while the LCL does the same for the UNE. This will hopefully strengthen ties between the two nations and give a better understanding between the two cultures. The UNE was thrilled with this proposal and hastened it through the proper channels. Looking forward to the LCL’s response.

The LCL however, promptly declined the proposal. As the border friction provides a good deal of negative views towards the UNE. Disappointed as the XPC may be, perhaps there will be a future opportunity.

New Beijing has reacted quite poorly to the cultural exchange program, however. Even if it failed the fact that the proposal happened has upset many people and has prompted one individual to speak out about the matter, proposing very xenophobic and nationalistic ideas to the locals. The UNE can’t effectively do anything about the matter legally, so the government must simply tolerate it. Many in the UN suspect this is China’s doing, as the planet is largely under their control, even if the locals are trying to get away from the communist government.

The Asgard addiction problem has finally come to an end. Using military forces to conduct a slash and burn campaign, they’ve built up air purifiers and cut away the Mharin Kharin plant away from all population centers. Much to the local’s disappointment, their production values have now stabilized to expected targets.

2221: Ancient Organic remains

In the Van Maanen system, thousands of corpses orbit the planet Van Mannen IV. Investigations are in process.

2222: Mass Execution

The corpses surrounding Van Maanen IV all died to vacuum exposure, and every corpse has a Cybrex barcode, which they put on their prisoners. This gives many historians the chills as they harken back to 3 centuries ago when the Nazi’s conducted their holocaust. The UNE may never know the truth of why these people have died, but regardless, this doesn’t put the Cybrex in the best of affections with Humanity.

2224: Distant Cybrex artifact

The distant system of Diadem has been discovered to have a Cybrex artifact. Captain Khumalo put it in her queue to investigate.

2226: Old Flight Recorder

A “black box” has been discovered in the Nostia system. Listening to the recordings through the language matrices reveals that the recording is of a hijacking. Depending on whose voice you listen to, the hijackers are either freedom fighters or terrorists, and the owners of the ship are either imperialistic dogs, or the rightful rulers of their section of the galaxy. They argue for some time before the battlecruiser sinks into the local star. The black box was jettisoned just in time. The technology of the black box has proven quite useful to engineers, however.

The UNE was contacted by the Great Suramo Regime, through listening to stray communication signals. They’re hegemonic imperialists, taking on the appearance of humanoid dragons. They bring a warm welcome, but the clear difference in ideology presents an immediate diplomatic problem between the SR and the UNE. The UNE has delivered a cold response, praising their equality as a beacon of light, and it would be best for the Regime to not get in the way of its rays. The SR is the eastern neighbor of the LCL however, and is considered a threat, but of no immediate concern. The UNE has upped their game with allying the LCL though, offering a state gift to them, guaranteeing their independence, and declaring the Suramo Regime a UNE rival.

The LCL has received the gift with warm regards, and has proposed a non-aggression pact, which the UNE has signed with a good deal of relief. Some months after the pact, the LCL approached the UNE again, with a much more extensive treaty of commerce, migration, and research. It is also known at this time that the LCL is in an active war against the Regime. Concerning to be sure, but UNE military experts project a victory for the Citizen’s League.

2227: Cybrex refinery

An ancient artifact reveals a refinery on Van Maanen V that was destroyed by some kind of antimatter weapon. Investigations are in process.

The investigation proved that the remains of the refinery are actually one part of dozens of habitats that orbited the gas giant. They were destroyed by some superweapon, and while the tragedy is terrible, the military is quite interested in gaining such a powerful weapon, if only to use against the Suramo Regime in a future and very expectant war. So the UNE has allowed the construction of research outposts around the planet, led by a mixture of American, German, and Russian scientists.

Initial digs have discovered that the refineries used the gas giant’s gasses as a raw material for their ship fuel, and yet was destroyed by an antimatter weapon of Cybrex origin. This begs the question of why the Cybrex would destroy their own facility. Further investigations are needed.

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