Update and DLC Idea

stellaris 1 - Update and DLC Idea

So I just want to start this post off by saying that critique is welcome to help make this idea better!

First I would like to talk about a update that could go along with the Federations update, though I don’t know too much about as a console player. I think it would be cool if you could, while playing as a hive mind, hide the fact your a hive mind from other empires. Using it as a takeover from the inside by giving you the ability to create migration treaties and such with other empires. It could be a ascension perk and only work against 1-2 empires at a time, in order to stop large takeovers too quickly, and would need a higher relationship than normal to begin. It can also go wrong in some situations as the other empire finds out you are a hive mind and reacts negatively. If one empire finds out the truth they tell other empires they have positive relations with to avoid their friends being taken over. Though it’s not much I would think it would make for pretty interesting relations and situations in the game.


Second I believe a DLC, to spice up the endgame for those who play it, would have to happen after the end game crisis. Since you can kinda affect what endgame crisis you get I think it could be pretty cool if you could research a technology that allows you to hop galaxies. With it if you defeat the endgame crisis, unbidden, scourge, etc, you will receive a special project from the original spawning place of the endgame crisis. Saying something close to “Our scientists believe that they could reverse engineer the technology from and use it for ourselves!” However researching the special project takes time similar to a colossus. Then you have to research “Galaxy Hopping Jump Drive” which can only be equipped on special ships. Which prevents players from taking their strongest fleets and ships to the new galaxy and completely finishing the new galaxy. Then a random galaxy is created, random amount of empires, systems, etc. The new galaxy could also be a portal to the galaxy of the endgame crisis in which it could begin again. It could also spawn in a galaxy similar to the original. But when it has a new galaxy there’s a chance of spawning in a preexisting empire. All current empires in the new galaxy, apart from civilizations that just made it to ftl travel, start with a negative relationship “Intergalactic Invader” though after time passes it is possible for it to be removed, similar to new contact. These empires could be designed with new and specialized portraits and ship models. It could even have different types of planets that can only be colonized after a new technology is researched, for example special types of Gaia worlds similar to life seeded plants that adapt to a specific species and becomes dangerous to foreign life forms, however they can be terraformed if it is cleansed of life.

Ya so those where my ideas, and I would like to know ways they can be improved or changed to fit stellaris as a game better. Thanks for reading goodbye and goodnight!

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