[Update] Viable Feudalism and Imperialism – Empire Federation

stellaris 1 - [Update] Viable Feudalism and Imperialism - Empire Federation

Hey, so you guys might remember this mod from when I last posted it a month ago. Since then, I've gotten a lot of good feedback and done a lot of polishing of the mod. I think I can say that it's now in a fairly complete state, and just wanted to share it one last time.

?id=2114559224 - [Update] Viable Feudalism and Imperialism - Empire FederationViable Feudalism and Imperialism – Empire Federation

Updates since I first posted:

  • New name: Viable Feudalism and Imperialism – Empire Federation

Name change to be more inclusive of those who have imperial desires, but not necessarily feudal origins. This name change extends to in-game, where the federation has been renamed from "Feudal Empire" to simply "Empire."

  • No longer requires Feudal Society civic

After a lot of thought, I decided to remove this requirement. This allows for more opportunities and possibilities, especially regarding RP. The Feudal Society civic does let you subjugate nations of equivalent strength, however, so it does have a slight buff if you do choose to use it.

  • Significant perk improvements and balance changes

When I first created the mod, I didn't put much time into balancing this Federation, to make it worth playing compared to the others ones. With the updates to the perks, I think that problem is solved.

Here's a list of the perks: Perks

This mod uses the federation framework to create a federation that operates more as an Empire.


To start, the overlord of the empire gains 80% of their subject's diplomatic weight.

a3g5JcA - [Update] Viable Feudalism and Imperialism - Empire Federation

Empires require very little input from their subjects. As such, even if you give the members equal vote, your laws will be passed. 'Voting' is only nominal in this 'Federation' and is really just a mechanic that has to be there. You can think of it just as a little faux democracy your empire has set up for appearances.

Also importantly, Empires require very little centralization. There is only one law that requires centralization, which I will talk about with Succession below.

fRgqSsN - [Update] Viable Feudalism and Imperialism - Empire Federation

SkIQfwM - [Update] Viable Feudalism and Imperialism - Empire Federation

Empires can't have random or rotating succession. The way I see it, your advisors and other political elements within the empire would simply never allow the Crown fall to some pitiful subject nation of yours. The only law that requires centralization is the succession-type law 'Challenge'. Elements within the empire will, begrudgingly, be willing to let the Crown nation change to be the one that is the most powerful – but only after the empire has fully established itself.

So yeah, check it out. This was mostly meant for my own RP, and as such the Empire 'federation' will probably be really strong if you use it in a non-RP way and have people in the federation who aren't your subjects.

If you see anything wild or buggy let me know. Have a nice day.

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