Updated to 2.8, the Kesij Afterlife Assets Provider is formed.

stellaris 8 - Updated to 2.8, the Kesij Afterlife Assets Provider is formed.

The new playthrough "empire"

This is my first attempt of playing an empire that is somewhat democratic (tho obviously capitalism > literal equality), somewhat morally good (I'll try to not completely genocide everything around me this time) and somewhat Tall (because of the Megacorp empire sprawl restrictions, but I'm sick and tired of all my past games ending up with me being a giant blob on the map anyway). No mods, Large galaxy with 1-3 fallen empires, 1-3 marauders, caravaneers on, 2x crisis strength, Commodore difficulty (dont think i'm ready for admiral/grand ad yet). It is worth noting that I've played HMs the most and consider myself the best with them – I've played some autocratic normal empires with a mixed efficiency, but Megacorps is new and will take some learning to do. Starting it now.

Empire synopsis/lore:


The Kesijic race did away with conventional forms of government after a devastating event or war destroyed their past civilization. Their resurface from the irradiated homeworld was marked by opportunist latent psionics, who managed to contact an unknown entity in the Shroud subconsciously known as Veles, which led to a bargain being struck that ensured that individuals can 'invest' in the quality or lack thereof of afterlife while they're still alive. These psionics formed a pseudo-church mercantile service later known as the AAP. The AAP is a megacorporation which sells different benefits, deals and contracts that directly warp the afterlife of their customers – thus, individuals can pay for a desired afterlife, with those who pay for the highest deals receiving the best experience post-mortem. From their experience as apocalyptic survivors all the way to starfaring Megacorp, Kasiji view everyone as mostly equal before death – as such, the society hosted on AAP-owned soil is fairy libertarian and egalitarian, althrough ultimately inherently capitalist. The AAP itself has no real interest in conventional governance, preoccupied with their ritual services and trade – customers can live on their land, but there's no Throne nor Parliament to call the territory controlled a real 'nation' in the traditional sense. Market Law Rules All.

Trivia: Veles is the slavic god of the underworld, aswell as nature, magic and a bunch of other shit, including wealth/trade. The Corporate Death Cult in this case is perhaps the most noblebright of takes, where it is merely a service performed on voluntary people who have long stopped having existential dread or fear of death, knowing for certain (or near certain) they get to enjoy an afterlife they had actively invested cash into while living.

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