Using Stellaris as a Tabletop Medium?

stellaris 2 - Using Stellaris as a Tabletop Medium?

I'm planning on running a Stars Without Number campaign (Basically Dungeons & Dragons in space), and just realized, what if I used Stellaris as a galactic map?

Stellaris looks pretty nice, and being able to see the galaxy in 3D with your ship in relation to everything would be nice. There's just a few things I'd need before using this over a painstakingly handcrafted galactic map.

While I can find some of this stuff on my own, I can see some of it has different mods that do the same thing. So I'm asking for recommendations on the best of various utilities, knowing which utilities are actually up to date for the newest version of the game, and recommendations of stuff I might not have seen while searching on my own.

  • Toggle off ALL AI
    I see there's a command ai that does this. Does it do it to the full extent I want? As in, no empire takes literally any action ever? No building, moving, colonizing, destroying, etc..? No crises spawn? Sector AI doesn't build, move or destroy? No democracies start voting? No rebellions emerge? No traditions or ascension perks get taken? No research gets started? And if I switch played empire with other commands, the empire I no longer am playing as also still has no AI?

  • Star System and Planetary Editor
    I need a way to add and remove star systems and planetary systems manually in-game. Also needs to let me add wormholes and L-gates. I also need to be able to add stuff like megastructures but some commands can already help me out with that, though if the mod can do that too it'll probably be more convenient.

  • Removing Limits
    Stuff like colossus limits, titan limits, energy and storage limits (so i can give every empire billions of everything so they don't collapse from the economic stress), megastructure limits (one mod I enjoy does this but it doesn't let you have more than one megastructure within a system, I'd like that limit gone too), you get the idea.

  • Creating new empires
    This is the one I doubt the most exists as a mod and I'm not even sure how to search for it. I want to be able to pick a star system as a new homeworld for a new empire with all the customization that I get when making my own custom empire before the game.

  • Spawning ships with specific models
    Think like the space amoeba everyone names Bubbles. I want to be able to spawn in weird stuff like that.

  • Custom Ships, Planets, Stars, Portraits, etc..
    I want whatever you guys can recommend on this.

  • Anything else I might not have considered?
    Especially super flashy stuff like more

Thanks for whatever you all can recommend me 😀

Oh also, if any of you play SwN and wonder why I'm not using the sector system ruleset in it which would require a hexagonal grid system:
For what's just a galactic map and not used for combat or anything, I don't see any reason to have something as plain looking as a grid. This'll look nicer, more natural, and is in 3D. I might use the grid system overlayed on some artist rendition of the Milky Way if something serious gets in the way of using Stellaris, like if the ai command doesn't actually turn off all AI, but I really want a nice looking map, lol.

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