Vassalization is still broken.

stellaris 8 - Vassalization is still broken.

With the upcoming update I hope there will be changes to how empires can be vassalized. As it is, It's almost impossible to subjugate another empire in a war on any difficulty above Ensign. This is due to the AI (or human players for that matter) having tech and naval capacity on almost always equivalent levels, with no easy way to reduce those (and some upgrades like naval cap tech double dipping) , and thus their relative power never falling much below "Equivalent", despite my empire dwarfing their amount of systems, population and fleet power.

(Case in point the attached picture, my Empire of Noxus has a combined fleet power of 25k, while the Zip-Mok League was able to muster about 10k in our latest engagements. I have already taken about 2 thirds of their territory in previous wars, yet they are still "Equivalent" in relative power.)

Others have already suggested alternatives:


I favor the change to allow to always demand vassalization, and then let the actual war decide whether or not the target is subjugated. If one fails to follow up on threats (I'd say that would mean less than half of the attacked empire was occupied), the subjugating empire is humiliated and gains a temporary reputation debuff with every empire, something like "hollow words", "arrogant weakling" or "empty threats", maybe higher with authoritarian and militaristic empires.

Another option would be to change how relative power is calculated. Right now, the naval capacity has too much of a bearing on relative power, seeing as it's an almost meaningless statistic, that could easily be replaced with something like "Production/Industrial Capabilities". Thus taking over territory of other empires would impact their relative power more meaningfully.

Suggestions, questions and ideas welcome.


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