Want to do some Worldbuilding?

stellaris 8 - Want to do some Worldbuilding?

Greetings fellow genocidal tyrants

I have a plan, sometime earlier I played a game where there was only humans, but after that I decided to play around with the idea a little and I decided to do some worldbuilding, something I enjoy a bit.
So I use Stellaris to construct a bit of a fictional world, it will include a bunch of factions that I will then put in a max galaxy with max empires (30).
I always enjoyed playing Civilization on the biggest map, as many civ you could fit on marathon speed. So why not something similar?

So, Naturally, I need a lot of empires. And they are all humans(kinda). I could spend time doing all 30 of them, but I figured, I probably run a bit dry on ideas around empire no. 8, so why not get some other people involved? There can be some interesting creations after all.

So, want to create one? Here is a fine opportunity.
Now you might wonder "hold on, I am gonna need a few details". No worries, here is a short background.

The idea is to create a bunch of "Great Houses" (Think similar to Dune universe), each controlling one world at the start of the game, as such, I need a bunch of Houses.
To fit the theme, I am having them all be Imperial Government with Feudal Society (because You need Imperial with Feudal), using the second civic to customize the faction alongside the ethics.

Basically, a giant galaxy filled with a bunch of nobles all fighting for power.

Here is the first one I made, the Great House from Earth.
Xwm6JqW - Want to do some Worldbuilding?

House of Karol.
I styled them as "the old royal house" of the Empire.

The other house I made…

DgTowOJ - Want to do some Worldbuilding?

House of Darak

ndYnEdC - Want to do some Worldbuilding?

House of Ralik

Xnnt8UP - Want to do some Worldbuilding?

House of Sarik

You might notice House of Sarik have slightly altered humans, because a little bit of variety is nice.

Speaking of variety, I also included what I can describe as "Space Venice".

QB5XlY4 - Want to do some Worldbuilding?

Verusian Republic

You might be able to see the theme I am going for. Want to have a go at it?
After all, I am doing this to shamelessly steal other peoples creation so I don't need to spend so much time on it myself and to have some great houses with ideas I might not come up with for fun.
I see plenty of people wanting to show off their Empire creations, so I figured this might work.

Oh, you want to know the worldbuilding itself I am doing? Sure, I can tell you a bit.

In the old days, Humanity discovered Warp Drive allowing for instant travel from point A to point B, with this, they started to expand.
Life was good, the Great Houses swore allegiance to the Royal House on Earth, trade was happening.
Hyperlane travel was also discovered but no one used it, compared to the Warp Drive it was simply too slow.

After a great amount of time of stagnation thanks to bureaucratic corruption and a desire to maintain the status quo, the Warp Drive stopped working, including the Warp based FTL communication, effectively ending the Empire over night.
Many of the worlds went in to a state of chaos but after the initial collapse of the Empire, they start to look towards the stars again after order was achived.

And that is when the game starts, you pick a Great house and go out to the galaxy.

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