Wanted to share my current RP playthrough as the Remnants of Humanity.

stellaris 1 - Wanted to share my current RP playthrough as the Remnants of Humanity.

So I'm currently playing as the Remnants of Humanity, a fanatic authoritarian/materialist empire. The emergent gameplay has just been too perfect not to share it.

Some time ago a large number of humans was abducted from Earth, experimented on and then placed on a different world elsewhere in the galaxy. They call this the Event. Their hope is to find Earth again and to be reunited with their people. Because they are unsure if Earth still exists, they call themselves the Remnants of Humanity. Having to create a society from scratch, a stratified economy evolved naturally in this society. A Supreme Leader rose up quickly and has led the Remnants every since.

At first, life progressed as usual. The Remnants started to explore the galaxy and found they were not alone. The first empire they met were the Naugrim, a dwarven race who wants to be left alone. Fine, they can do that. The second empire they met were the New Capran Ascensionists, a spiritualist megacorp, inhabited by the Caprae, a race of devil-like humanoids. These money obsessed demons were untrustworthy and in 2230 they proved their case. The Caprae launched an attack on the Remnants with their twenty corvette sized fleet. Strike Force Cerberus was closest, but consisted of only ten corvettes and was defeated quickly. Strike Force Pegasus, however, was still in our home system and using the information from the first battle was retrofitted to combat the Capran forces specifically. This proved to be hugely successful and within a few years the Caprae had been fought back and white peace had been achieved.


But life goes on and just a few years later we meet other empires. First the Seventh Republic, a like-minded empire to the north, and then the Zweite Warthog Reich, an empire hell-bent on destroyed all sentient life in the galaxy. It isn't long after meeting the Warthogs that the Supreme Leader is informed that the Sol system – and thus Earth – is part of the Warthogs' territory. We cannot mount an attack at this moment to take Earth back; it is just too far away.

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It's only 2244 now and it's been a really fun game so far. I'm keeping a log for both the Supreme Leader in which I describe important events as they happen – or as I make them up for myself – and a log of a random member of society. I'm also keeping track of the political factions, their size and followers per planet specifically. At first I just had an authoritarian faction and a materialist faction, but around 2230, when the Caprae attacked, a xenophobic faction rose up. It is now actually the dominant faction, which makes a lot of sense if you consider the past events. I'm looking forward to seeing where this playthrough will lead.

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