War In Heaven/ Contingency/ Grey Tempest Triple Event Timeline

stellaris 1 - War In Heaven/ Contingency/ Grey Tempest Triple Event Timeline

This is the story of how a War In Heaven, a 5X Contingency, and the Grey Tempest, all happening at the same time, completely destroyed most of the galaxy. Keep in mind not all dates are entirely accurate.

  1. 18 space faring civilizations all achieve hyper lane travel at the same time including the Empire of the Artificial, a Machine Intelligence dedicated to destroying all organic life in the galaxy (me). The EotA is located in the galactic northwest, a Materialist Fallen Empire is located just south of the EotA, the Monopoly (a Megacorp) is located to the west of the EotA, a Xenophile Fallen Empire is located in the galactic south and a Xenophobe Fallen Empire is located in the galactic southeast.

2200-2240. Borders are established and new worlds developed by all the new space faring civilizations, not many wars are declared in this time.

  1. The Xenophobe Fallen Empire awakens and declares their intentions to reestablish themselves as the galactic hegemony. All civilizations may join them as thralls, a thrall must donate 25% of their mineral and energy income to them and cannot expand their borders, but thralls can declare war on independent civilizations and other thralls. No one takes them up on their offer.

  2. The Xenophile Fallen Empire awakens and declares their intentions to bring galactic peace and freedom to the galaxy. All civilizations may sign their galactic peace treaty, which prevents them from declaring independent wars or owning slaves, but civilizations do not have to make any donations and can expand their borders. Again no one takes them up on their offer.

  3. The Xenophobe and Xenophile Fallen Empires formally declare war on each other and encourage all space faring civilizations to pick a side. The War in Heaven has begun. the sides are evenly split with no one having a clear advantage. the EotA joins the Xenophobes so they can carve out a huge chunk of new territory for themselves, plus when the war is done they can declare war on the survivors and eventually declare independence against their new overlord. The Monopoly and several other civilizations declare their neutrality. The Materialist Fallen Empire remains quiet, acting as an effective buffer between the EotA and the galactic south.

  4. The League of Non-Aligned Powers is formed and declares war on both awakened empires. The Monopoly joins them. The EotA quickly constructs a heavily armed star port at the border of the Monopoly.

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2261-2300. The EotA carves out a massive slice of territory for themselves stretching all the way from the galactic northwest to the galactic northeast, genociding trillions of organics along the way. The galactic north is now firmly in the hands of the Xenophobes while the galactic south belongs to the Xenophiles.

2300-2310. The EotA turns around to finally destroy the Monopoly, killing hundreds of billions and taking a huge amount of territory. The EotA then unofficially exits the war, colonizing and developing their new worlds while the rest of the galaxy burns.

  1. A faint signal is picked up across the galaxy, no one pays much attention to it. The War In Heaven continues.

2315-2320. Synthetics across the galaxy behave erratically and disappear across the galaxy and the EotA experiences several minor glitches.

  1. The Contingency reveals themselves and declares their intentions to MURDER EVERYBODY! 4 Contingency Hubs appear across the galaxy. One in the northeast, one in the east, one in the south, one in the southwest. While minor skirmishes continue, the War In Heaven is unofficially put on hold while most of everyone fights the Contingency. The EotA decides to not take any action against the Contingency until one or both of the Awakened Empires are killed off.

  2. The Contingency occupies most of the Xenophile Awakened Empire territory. It is only a matter of time until they are destroyed.

  3. The Cybrex, a pacifist Machine Intelligence, reveals themselves to the galaxy and declares their intentions to fight the Contingency. At the same time the EotA decides to destroy the Contingency Hub in the northeast and sends out their fleet.

  4. The Contingency Hub in the galactic northeast is destroyed by the EotA with heavy casualties. The EotA retreats back to their territory to rebuild. The Xenophile Awakened Empire is killed by the Contingency, but their signatory's continue the War In Heaven.

  5. A Xenophobe Thrall in the galactic north opens an "L-Gate", the Grey Tempest pours out killing everything in sight.

  6. The EotA sends out their entire fleet to destroy the remaining 3 Contingency Hubs, a perilous mission as most of the galactic south has been consumed by the Contingency.

  7. The EotA's mission is successful, but at a heavy cost. The Contingency Core reveals itself in the galactic southeast and several Contingency fleets reinforce it. The EotA must rebuild it's entire fleet.

  8. The EotA has finished rebuilding it's fleet and sends it to destroy the Core.

  9. The EotA successfuly destroys the Contingency Core with a 50% casualty rate. The Contingency self-destructs and nearly the entire galactic south is open space.

  10. The EotA enters the L-Gate and destroys the Grey Tempest with very few casualty's. The Cybrex leave the galaxy with a final message encouraging peace and cooperation between all sentient beings. The War In Heaven continues.

  11. The EotA rebuilds it's fleet and reenters the War In Heaven.

  12. After 180 years and trillions dead the War In Heaven ends with a Xenophobe victory. The Awakened Xenophobe Empire is the official galactic hegemony, but as the galactic south is destroyed and their territory is scattered the unofficial galactic hegemony is actually the EotA. The EotA prepares to take over the entire galaxy and exterminate all organic life.

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Hope you all enjoyed reading.

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