War in Heaven [Small Rant]

stellaris 2 - War in Heaven [Small Rant]

A few days ago I finished a game as Devouring Swarm and the more I think about it, the more I think there was too much wrong. I also dont think I did everything right. Im also sorry that this may get a little longer. And yes, Im not native English, doing my best.

Around 2420: The endgame crisis triggers and I get messages about something received from outer space. The Scourge seems to give me a visit. Lets upgrade our ships.

Around 2440: 2 Sleeping Empires (of 3) wake up and start a War in Heaven. Okay then, I really dont like this event, but we will get through. Hopefully the Scourge will not bomb this.

We form our own big federation (I can join? As a Devouring Swarm? Strange) against them with every empire included (yey, this should get easy). One federation member gets attacked, so we join war. As the war starts I let the AIs make their turn, hoping they would overrun both Awakened Empires, letting me sit back, waiting for the Scourge to come.

20 years later all AIs are thrashed. Both Awakened Empires are neighbors but they seem to have more fun killing other AIs than fighting the war they begun. Soon they have conquered half the galaxy (1/3 war mine) leaving my federation members crippled.

Okay then, seems like we lost this one. Lets make peace and join one of them as a satellite, beating up the other one, living a peaceful live until we arise again. Nope, not working. "Status Quo" has +20 approval, still I cant suggest it. I secure my borders, hoping they will kill everyone so Im free again, doing my own decision.

The Scourge has a destination. Its close to he third FE. They need to go straight through their systems to reach anything else in the galaxy. That FE should make a fast kill to the Scourge.

One last member of my federation alive. I have a look at their last system, seeing two planets. Each AE has one of the planets, thus nobody wins. Thank you (I guess?). I free the system and both planets and dissapear. One of the AE comes again and takes both, killing my last "friend". The federation is no more and I can make a Status Quo with both AEs. A little bit a peace again until the Scourge comes. I sit back, licking my wounds waiting for the FE to kill the endgame crysis.


Around 2490: The Scourge arrives with its first wave. Sitting back relaxed I see them go into war with the FE. They take the first system, then another, then another, then another, … . That FE doesnt wake up, making no effort to resist. Not even 1 year later the FE is destroyed, wtf. Im on my way making an end to them but theyre already bigger than I expected, killing my main fleets.

Cant invade their planets, quick google reveals I have to bomb them (really?) since I didnt choose to get a Colossus. Okay then. Time comes the Scourge is somewhat dead. A single ship still lives in a system of an AE. The AE doesnt send ships and doesnt seem to care. I cant enter the system because of closed borders. Im stuck with an enemy I need to kill to end the game, but cant because I cant reach them. One of the AEs has won to this time, killing its enemy.

"Fuck it", I declare war again, jump into the system, kill the last fleet of the Scourge and make a quick Status Quo. Its the year 2530 and the game should be over as soon as there is peace.

Peace. The galaxy is in peace again. No threads, no wars, now the game ends. It doesnt. End of the month maybe? No. Still no victory. Going into the victory menu I cant win as long as the war in heaven takes place. Seems like I have to kill the other AE. I eat my way thorugh the galaxy again, killing the AE piece after piece. The last system, the last planet. Finally.

Year 2620 and the game finally ends. Not even an achievement for beeing the last empire alive in this galaxy.


  • Endgame crisis doesnt trigger a FE to wake up or even do anything. It just lets itself getting killed
  • A federation sticking myself to a war I dont want to fight anymore. Cant leave the federation, cant suggest peace
  • An empire not getting killed because a system is divided between two attackers
  • The need to kill all enemies from the War in Heaven, even though we made peace

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