We need more mapmodes! Or at least a system-scope mapmode, so modders can add them.

stellaris 1 - We need more mapmodes! Or at least a system-scope mapmode, so modders can add them.

As a long-year map staring expert, I am still sad about the lack of map modes. They have added a few since release, but there are so many important and (unimportant) interesting ones missing. Currently the map modes seem to be all on a empire-scope, I did not come across any system-specific map modes mods yet. This should be changed, so much potential missing!

All of these proposed mapmodes are on system-scope, not empire wide as the current ones:


That's the most important one to me, I want to be able to see how far my dudes spread! What's the point of nomadic charismatic xenophobe breeders if you can't watch the map turn purple? Should be like the one in Vic2, province/system based, large minorities get striped. (
, ignore the setup, that's the first google result)

Rare Resources

Again, like in Vic2. Click it once, highlight all systems with rare resources. if you click a rare resource (or a system with it), highlight all systems with that resource.

Planet Types

Same as Rare Resources, just for planet types

Faction Allegiance

A simple map mode, telling me which factions (if so) my systems are aligned with, so I easily see which planets harbor heretics


Planet Specification

With the new system of planets being automatically classified into forge world, agricultural world and so forth, it would be nice to have a mapmode for that.

Space Stations

Colored by type, if any. Boring but helpful

Penetration Test

Click it once, it shows how far all enemies can get into your empire until they hit a defensive station. Red for unprotected, Orange for 1 rows of defense, Yellow for 2, etc. Alternative mode where you click on a specific empire and it shows you how deep that just that empire might go. Because there is always that one wormhole you forgot about.


Always helpful

Points of Interest

Just shows whatever else might be interesting but not warranting a separate mapmode, wormholes, gates, leviathans, megastructures, quests, etc.

Colonial Range

Just highlighting how far away I can claim a system with my current influence

I am sure there are tons more, that's why we need a system specific scope for map modes!


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