What are your thoughts on having “Interdictor” ships

stellaris 2 - What are your thoughts on having "Interdictor" ships


Interdictors (most famously in star wars) are a kind of ship that pop up sometimes in sci-fi series. Their main role is to impede or prevent FTL travel.

Stellaris has interdiction in the form of FTL traps on starbases, with the right tech, which stop you passing through a hostile system without dealing with the starbase.

Interdictor ships and Stellaris

Imagine a special ship module/section (maybe just for titans? Or just for cruisers to give them some purpose as support ships..) That will do two things:

1) Increase the Hyperspace windup time of any other hostile fleets in the system. This would let you lock down systems without a starbase – e.g. in big wars far from home, and let you chase down fast fleets with slow ones.

2) Decrease the chance of a successful combat disengagement.(I.e. damaged enemy ships will try to jump away, fail, and need to carry on fighting) – either for enemy ships or for both friendly and enemy (to make you think about when to use interdictors). This would let you build fleets specialised for hunting down enemies.

If interdictors are a titan-only section then you can make each titan interdictor module have really strong effects (e.g. 200% FTL jump time, 66% less chance to perform an emergency retreat) as there are few titans built, usually (at least in vanilla). This would effect all hostile ships in the system, irrespective of how many are present, either until the titan FTLs away, or it is killed (if the titan is killed in battle you could then see a whole wave of damaged ships immediately FTL away, which would look cool).


Whereas if interdictors are cruiser-based, you could have several, with weaker, but stacking effects, and calculate their effects as an average of the overall number of enemy ships.

  • E.g. (numbers are just illustrative) 1 cruiser interdictor will increase FTL charge times by +200% for 10 hostile ships in the star system.
  • So if there are 20 hostile ships present in the star system, the effect is only +100% on all hostile ships (and you would need 2 cruiser interdictors to hit that +200% cap for the enemies).
  • This could further scale with ship class, so cruisers and below are all worth "1 ship" each, but battleships could count as "2 ships" (in the above example 1 cruiser could effect 5 battleships before hitting the cap), titan would count as 10 and a Colossus would count as, say, 50, so you better bring a lot of interdictors.
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Crisis factions could get their own themed versions to make them a little more deadly for unprepared fleets.

TLDR I suggest a new ship section/type that would affect FTL charge rates of hostiles in a system (see above details) and the chance of a ship emergency retreating in combat when damaged.

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Edit: it appears titans get subspace snares as an aura (which is basically my #1 point above), I'd assumed this was from one of the many mods I use, but no it's in Apocalypse.

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