What I think Stellaris needs the most going forward

stellaris 7 - What I think Stellaris needs the most going forward

Stellaris is an amazing game that keeps getting better and better with a great list of features but an even larger potential.

This post is mainly me voicing my opinions on what aspects of Stellaris could be improved to make the game even better and more enjoyable than it currently is, I will try to divide it into sections for a more concise idea of what my dreams for this game are.

The introduction of the galactic community and more in-depth federations were a step in the right direction but there are still a few things I think would improve the game deeply.


I believe the galactic community would benefit from more resolutions with interesting outcomes, maybe even the ability to embrace or reject entire federations giving members reduced or increased diplomatic weight.

Federations should also be able to dictate the policies of members at very high centralisation such as banning slavery or AI servitude across the entire federation, things like members contributing to president's diplomatic weight or collective voting in galactic community for federations would also be interesting.

I believe nations should be able to dictate the policies of their vassals (at least to some extent) such as banning slavery for the vassals (with ofc possibility of resistance from the vassals). Releasing vassals is currently a major pain with only entire sectors being releasable (in many situations you can't release a vassal you wanted to release because it would release a world you want to keep with it). I think sectors should go back to being manual with maybe a maximum limit of systems per sector (increasing empire sprawl if gone over).

Sue for peace

I think this is currently my main issue with the game, the peace system can become rather frustrating (especially status quo), it makes little sense to cede one of your systems to the enemy in a peace when you have most of their planets occupied and their navy annihilated just because they control that one out of reach system you can't be bothered to take back. I think stellaris should adopt a sue for peace system similar to EU4 where you can choose systems to take depending on your claims and war score, this could even open up possibilities such as more options during peace talks like forcing enemy to free vassals or return third party systems, break pacts between enemy and other nations, force certain policies upon the enemy (force them to ban slavery or purging) and handing over relics or technologies. Maybe an aggressive expansion system could even be considered. This would make peace after a war way more interesting and taking the systems you want way less tedious while still requiring you to conquer the right systems and manage your war exhaustion.

On micro-management

this is another major issue in the game, you want to conquer the galaxy but have to micro manage a myriad of planets (with sector AI only slightly reducing the hassle). To tackle this issue I think a system of "planetary vassals" would be interesting, the idea revolves around making planets into vassals that deal with their own stuff while also being under your nation; the system and its resources would still be controlled by you and you would still be able to change building or move pops between the planetary vassals but their populations would not count towards your own and neither would their sprawl. Bigger planetary vassal leagues could be an option encompassing various different planets into different big planetary vassal groups, these planetary vassals would request resources and share some of their output with you when possible and largely manage their own pops and planets. This would be especially cool for xenophobes who want to conquer other planets and form xeno planetary leagues so that their main empire can look big on the galaxy map but not need to deal with a huge xeno population. These planetary vassals could still somewhat impact sprawl and maybe require a certain about of influence to maintain but they would be a good alternative to allow for a galaxy conquest without constant headaches, plus it sounds cool. But hey this is just be spouting ideas



Currently I think government authorities don't diversify gameplay enough, authority specific mechanics would be extremely interesting and would diversify the experience considerably.


-Democracy-Actual democratic system with elections of parties, upon creating a democratic nation the player would choose its party with party specific traits and stances which would give positive and negative effects (maybe even a party name and symbol). throughout the course of the game the player would engage in various actions to increase the popularity and influence of their party against opposing parties with differing stances and traits, the popularity of a party with pops would depend on faction approval and ethics. if an opposing party won an election then the player would have the choice of embracing the new party with it becoming the new player controlled party or leading an opposition government until the next election. ofc the player would still always have total control over their nation but things like policy changes and wars could create events decreasing or increasing party popularity. (wow all this is kinda making me actually want to play a democratic nation for once).

-Oligarchy + Dictatorship-I don't have as many ideas for these two but maybe an internal political council with different council members vying for power and the player needing to mediate their conflicts, choosing which group to side with on different occasions and trying to maintain the current dictator's/council leader's influence. The death of a dictator or council leader could lead to a series of events trying to determine the successor. Oligarchies and Dictatorships could have a similar party system to democracies but more controlled and localised to the elites.

-Imperial-Imperial government forms could have systems like a line of succession with different succession types and possible heirs (e.g. oldest child first, child chosen by monarch, elective monarchy, non-hereditary monarchy etc.). In imperial government authority there could be estates similar to those in EU4 with nobles, clergy/specialists/military/citizenry/burghers (depending on ethics). The monarchy would rely on these institutions for power and there could be a constant back and forth with possibly massive changes in government if the player can't keep these institutions in control.

I can even see certain civics having their own special variations of these government mechanics and possibly even their own special mechanics. All this would make nations feel vastly different and political systems would be more than just restrictions and flavour.

Gestalts could maybe get some features along these lines to not be left out such as a civic for a nation being made out of multiple hiveminds in a alliance (some internal politics) or splinters of a gestal forming and leading an uprising.

This was just kind of a rambling on what I would love to see in future expansions and updates, if you have any more ideas or disagree on something I would be very interested to hear it out. I don't actually expect this to make its way to any devs, mainly just writing for fun.

P.S. I haven't proof-read this

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