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stellaris 7 - What id like to see added

Okay before I start, don't hate me or mass down vote – just tell me your ideas or give me your feelings on one of the suggested ideas

Let me get started, I'm composing this because I love Stellaris, and it has so much to give but we are being teased from perfection because it is missing what id concider a few crucial things.

  1. Where the hell is the internal management , the strife – the factions vying for power and the looming threat of civil war or massive slave rebellion. as of right now we have factions, and lets be real here *nobody* looks at the faction screen, it simply has no serious impact. I would love to see leaders of all kinds joining a faction , if a civil war kicks off then planetary administrators would cede planets to that side, the admiral taking fleets. there is literally no repercussion to taking half the galaxy (providing you manage empire sprawl which isn't really a task) , nobody feels more or less connected to the government depending on the distance to the capital. My pops on a planet bordering a devouring swarm arn't any more concerned about being eaten then the ones 3 gate ways away. These sort of opinions should be reflected in the factions , they should call something to be done about it and try and punish the government for not doing so.

EDIT – forgot to mention the millions and billions of xenos I took by annexing my neighbours capital – just complied and did bugger all to prevent them from being turned into food. Also you could argue that aslong as people dont diverge ethics why would they complain , you would be right until you realise even when they diverge ethics it still means bugger all.

  1. Here's a contentious and controversial topic – Ground Battles, I am aware I'm about to get spammedwith "but its too much micro" , "nobody cares about ground battles", "just create marines on ships and be done with them", "Stellaris is about space battles bro". Ye well this is all hypothetical and just a general rant so bite me. My ideal state would be a very indepth , ground then upper atmosphere with different units like infantry , armor and airforce each with getting bonuses by having each other , dragging the land war out by taking district by district. However ill settle with turning the seige into an excavation site sorta thing. to be honest ill take anything that will turn planets into something meaningful and strategic rather than speed bumps.

EDIT – almost forgot, your telling me I can draft millions of people into my army , have them die in a blood bath and then pick up the next batch without suffering and population penalties??

  1. this is more to satisfy my star wars boner but man – if your going to make "I am the Senate" jokes in your god damn dev diaries at least let me absorb everyone in my federation or galactic council into one empire by passing a series of arduous laws. make it a gradual thing like the HRE in EU4 – don't even @ me saying but "omg you would be pissed if that happened to you", to be honest – I wouldn't because it would show the AI's competency

  2. We got a 2 for 1 coming. Genuinly, I feel no different playing an Empire to a Democracy – alright my RP side might make me feel slightly better but by the end of the day there's no difference sadly. Where's the fleshed out democracy with actual votes – depending on the how many pops on the planet they have a certain weight for voting for someone or something , have the laws not just be changed out like it's some sort of Quasi-Dictatorship – have a bloody vote on it. the 2nd part is the poor , poor criminal syndicates. You are literally a megacrops crippled brother. This wouldn't be the case if the AI didn't spam Precincts like it was trying to create the Gestapo.

EDIT – Also hiveminds, they did not get the love the robots got that's for sure. Your either eating people or you're not, no feeling of actually being a swarm, no infecting worlds or any cool mechanics your a simply just eating people or wasting you're time not being a regular empire.

Overall id like to say I love the game, well over 400h so I do know roughly how the game goes. and please don't start with the "but there's a mod for that" – ye well there's a mod for everything but some of these things should be implemented by now for heaven sake. thank you for getting this far and please let me know of your thoughts.

Final EDIT – I think we can all agree on one thing however, we would all swap out many of these new features for having a competent AI that didn't rely on resource cheats for harder difficulties.

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