What is your government REALLY?

stellaris 7 - What is your government REALLY?

So, Megacorporations got me thinking about how unrealistic it would be for a company to run a nation and still be a for profit company. It would either be a company in name only and function like any normal plutocracy, or it would go bankrupt quickly. The trade league is the only feasible corporate rule since government is delegated between hundreds of smaller companies that have agreed to work together. For an actual Megacorporation, my headcanon is that your borders actually represent a federation of states, not your corporation, while Megacorp itself only owns maybe a moon or island and any property to run its enterprise, but has so much political clout that it's practically the face of the entire society.

But then that got me thinking of other governments. How many Stellaris governments are actually nation states, and how many are instead supernational entities that represent a federation of real states?

An Empire (especially a military one) is probably the most obvious nation-state entity you can make. Maybe even a militaristic republic, since it's assumed one nation has subsumed its neighbors through show of force. The Persian empire had vassals to make it huge, but it was obvious Iran was running the show. The USSR is colloquially called Russia despite being a union of states…since Russia is the dominant SSR, an example of a republic variant of an empire. All monarchies in the game are probably actual stellar nation states.


However, the UN of the UNE probably isn't an actual country you pay taxes to. It probably doesn't even own any real land. However, as a democratic entity, it enforces its legitimacy through popular support, and it is assumed humanity trusts the UN body so much that its interests come before those of smaller nations. The UNE fleet could be an allied force like in WWII under centralized command, or it could be the UN's own military paid for by contributions from local nations. Since the UN represents all nations on Earth, everything any nation does and expands to is recognized as "UN" by alien empires.

Another example is the Assembly of Clans government type. It is described as tribal, so it isn't even a formal nation state. It could even be as unstable as tribal governments in Crusader Kings are. The homeworld could have thousands of individual tribes. But the "Assembly" represents every tribe under their jurisdiction, and has the trust of all of those tribes to mediate things, so while tribes are politically unstable, the Assembly wields enough clout that there is no real economic disruption from tiny feuds (they probably do have small internal wars since they are a warrior culture, but as long as there is no economic or social disruption, even a complete anarchy can command power over space). Obviously, aliens don't want to begin to try to deal with the tiny tribal politics, so they talk to the chief representative in the Assembly.

So, what are your governments?

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