WHAT WAS, WILL BE (Potential Horizon Signals spoilers)

stellaris 5 - WHAT WAS, WILL BE (Potential Horizon Signals spoilers)

So I've recently picked up Stellaris, and I have to say I'm really enjoying it. I have EUIV and CKII as well so the UI and general gameplay mechanics came quite naturally to me, and I found there was much more flavour than the last GalCiv game I played (which I bored of after about two games).

Anyway, I started my second game yesterday with my custom-build humanoid empire, and within a few jumps I came across a black hole and triggered the Horizon Signals event. I was playing on Ironman and hadn't a clue what any of the outcomes were, so it was pretty exciting to see what happened. And man, was I impressed. That is some Witcher-type story line writing there with hidden consequences that can drastically change the game.

I chose to embrace the Worm because I was playing a spiritualist empire and it just seem to fit the playstyle and it was super handy when at the end of it all I had a bunch of extra tomb worlds in my main system to colonise.

With the event over, I went back to taking over the galaxy by forced Federation integration or just plain force, and eventually I got two techs which brought me back to the storyline – the ability to terrform occupied planets and the ability to genetically modify the planet preference of a species. I had already been genetically modifying my species and had removed the negative traits of the transformation, but I decided that I wanted to terraform all the tomb worlds back into tropical planets (my initial preference) and engineer my species back to their original preference.

As I sat there waiting for all my worlds to terraform and my species modification to finish, I had a thought about the irony of essentially reversing some of the largest changes the storyline brought about – WHAT WAS, WILL BE.

The worm loves us.

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