What would you like to see in future updates regarding internal politics?

stellaris 5 - What would you like to see in future updates regarding internal politics?

The Federations update/DLC focuses heavily on diplomacy and on ways to dominate the galaxy that aren't just "build the largest fleet and kill everyone around you", which I love. But I'd like to see something that adds more to internal politics beyond the current faction system. Here are some ideas I had:

  • Stronger Factions: Right now, all factions do is give you a little bonus if they like you and some unhappiness if you don't. It's not very noticeable and I don't really find myself interacting with the factions when I play. I think faction should be able to do something to put pressure on you to adopt their policies/ethics, which works with my second idea…

  • Empire Legislature: Could be a Senate, Council, Parliament, Tribunal, depending on your government. What this would do is give factions actual power over your empire, similar to the Conclave DLC from CK2. The legislature could, if certain factions were powerful enough, try to force you to take certain actions (adopt a new policy, sign a treaty, go to war, etc.) and punish you if you refuse. Different governments would have different punishments. A democratic government would have a stronger legislature, and a bigger penalty if you refuse them (they could even remove your current empire leader), BUT a larger bonus if you go along with it. Meanwhile a dictatorial or imperial government can go against the legislature with minimal penalty, but little bonus if you do as they ask. You could also do things to promote or subdue certain factions. Sideline a strong faction too much, and you might get…

  • Civil Wars: In all the hundreds of hours I've played the game. I very rarely have had any internal conflict, and it's almost always a single planet filled with aliens throwing a riot which I easily crush and reabsorb into the empire. What I'd like to see is a system where, if certain factions are pushed far enough, they attempt to seize control of the empire by force, with certain planets or sectors going with them (if they are sympathetic to their cause). This would mostly occur in larger empires which are spread more thinly, and planets becoming resentful of a faraway capital ruling over them. Part of your fleet could even turn traitor and go off with them, adding even more challenge. They wouldn't happen too often, only under certain circumstances, but would be a massive, galactic-history-changing event. If a rival of yours undergoes a civil war, you could support the rebels if you like them or even launch a war against either side to take their territory for yourself.

What would you like to see from internal politics?

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