When you defeat the hypermilitarist empire, only to realize you’ve become a hypermilitarist empire yourself

stellaris 2 - When you defeat the hypermilitarist empire, only to realize you've become a hypermilitarist empire yourself

Hi! Typically just a lurker, but thought someone might enjoy this little story. I've been playing with mods lately, and did my first run with the Katzen Imperium from Gigastructural Engineering on. Up until this point, I had been planning to do a tall run with my vampire necrophages (see image 1).

Since, despite being generally all friendly with me, the rest of the galaxy voted down my resolution to focus on the Grey Tempest, I was feeling spiteful and didn't really bother helping them against the Imperium until it started demanding my systems. However, as the second image shows… by then, it had already snowballed a crazy amount, and I was locked in a war with the local Determined Exterminator.

So, with that war wrapped up, I decided it was time to humble the Imperium. That proved… a much harder task than expected. :X I ended up having to get a mod that let me close the L-Gates so they couldn't just blitz their fleets to my interior while ignoring fortified Terminal Egress. >_>; But at the start of the war, they had approximately 4500 ships total (see image 3).

The ensuing battle was long and grueling. Any of my three fleets could defeat any one of theirs, but obviously they had way more and there were multiple fronts in the war. At the start, I had only about 12 planets and ~300 alloy production (had been going to lean on megastructures for that).

The next twenty years or so felt like so much longer XD I felt a bit like I understood how Warhammer 40k feels; in the grim darkness of the year 2368, there is only war. The turning point came when I massed two of my fleets to strike deep into enemy territory and the Kaisermoon came out to meet us. We lost nearly a whole fleet… but the victory was worth it (see image 4). The debuffs they took from that basically meant their fleets were no longer a real threat.


From this point, it became a slog of pushing into their systems. Thank gods I had some really nice mechanical armies from another mod (Expanded Traditions) since my 4k+ gene warrior army got wrecked by the first Katzen planet. >_>;

However, at this point I noticed two things. Firstly, even as we pushed them back on the home front, the Katzens were conquering the federation comprised of most of my friends on the far side of the galaxy. More importantly, taking planets from the Katzens, even though it was a defensive total war, was giving me a -massive- threat level.

Even though we were saving them, the rest of the galaxy was coming to fear us. But then… perhaps they were right to. By the time my fleets closed in on Flusion, the Ascended Dominion of Sol controlled 44 worlds and had more than quadrupled its alloy production. The demands of war had also required that we substantially step up our conversion efforts in order to staff new worlds with rulers.

In the end, the Imperium fell in 2390 CE after a bloody battle. As a last hurdle, we had to clear out the Esoteric Planetcraft of the Skeletoids in order to attack the Katzen capital (aside, I think it was kinda bugged, it sat around bombing one of the other Katzen worlds in the system the whole time because it couldn't actually reduce it below 11 pops :X I think maybe they need Armageddon bombardment stance or some ground forces?) and then fight our way through over 6k elite Katzen warriors, a battle that claimed the lives of half of our assault force. But the Imperium fell, splintering into roughly 15 different successor states (see images 5 and 6).

Standing in the ashes of the Imperium, the Dominion looked out over the galaxy. The Ascendant saw the fear in her former allies' eyes (see Image 7), and remembered their uselessness against the Katzens. Was it only a matter of time before they themselves took up the mission of the Kaiser they had vanquished…?

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