Where is the Alloy science?

stellaris 3 - Where is the Alloy science?

Stellaris used to have Techs to get better at doing everything. Thus, RNG allowing, the strategy was to choose what you wanted to get better at.

Better at Energy? Food? Army damage? Weapon damage? Shield HP? Minerals? POPs boinking more? Science itself? POPs being more loyal to the ethics of their polity?

All were options. Available for choice.

2.2 lacks options to achieve one thing: “larger fleet via science.”

There is exactly one Tech that makes each of the four warship types 5% cheaper to build (also makes them faster to construct, but, LOL). One Tech that makes your warships slightly cheaper to upgrade. And one late game’ish Tech for a planet unique Building that gives +15% to Alloy and Goods production.

Minerals has lots of Techs to boost it. Science itself has at least three huge chunky +20% boosts per type. And so on.


Alloys are hugely important, both in order to build and maintain a proper defensive fleet, and to take new systems with Outposts, and to upgrade Starbases.

Oh, yes, there are also one or two purple RareTechs that reduces the Alloy cost of Starbase upgrades or SB Modules/Buildings. To be fair.

But I don’t think it’s enough.

I think there should be 2 or 3 additional normal Techs, plus 1 or 2 RareTechs, to boost Allloy production or Alloy utilization. Not by much, but a 10% here and a -10% there would help a lot.

A couple of Techs to boost Consumer Goods would be nice too, maybe 1 normal Tech and one RareTech, but it’s not as pressing as the Alloy issue.

The fact that my ultras science Technocracy very recently got severely buttraped by hired Marauders may or may not have anything to do with this post.

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