Which empire would you choose to live in?

stellaris 8 - Which empire would you choose to live in?

Basically the title. You die, and the reincarnation bureau gives you the following empires as choices. Be warned, that the place, position, and race within the empire is random. So no guarantee, that you end up as a nobleman in an authoritarian state.

  1. Fanatic materialist, egalitarian, oligarchy. Cybernetic ascension. In this nation everyone is officially equal. Intelligence is valued above else, and scientific discoveries is the best way to move onward. They got academic privileges' living standards. Cybernetic upgrades, and implants are not just accepted, but almost mandatory for living. Crime is almost non-exitent. Any suspect gets their entire memory downloaded, and checked by the police, and will be punished for every, and all crimes. Along with any accomplices. However police handles this data discreetly.
  2. Materialist, fanatic authoritarian, cyborg, dictatory. Everyone for the state, and the state for everyone. The moment you become adult you get your brain implant, and live the rest of your life serving the state in the job the state decides for you. Whether you like it or not. But you won't be bothered with stuff like free will, and crime is non-existent. Population got decent living standard.
  3. Fanatic spiritualist, militarist, necrophage oligarchy. The empire ruled by the high priests who are also powerful psionics. If you born into the main race, then you will live in good condition, wield powerful psionic powers, and maybe chosen to enter the shroud. You have 30% for this. If you born xeno, then the state will provide decent living standard, and a job, but you won't have any political rights, and the ruling race will always stand above you. However if you work hard enough or survive a career in the military, then you can become one of the chosen for elevation. Which will transform you into the far more superior main race, and get all their benefits.
  4. Fanatic egalitarian, pacifist, shared burden democracy. Whatever job you take, wherever you born, whatever race you got it doesn't matter. You are all equal. As long as you work anywhere you get paid same as everyone else. BUT you MUST work. Even if it means working somewhere you don't like, if there are no other options. Refusal to work for too long results in EXECUTION. However you get the same pay regardless of your job. So even if you become a janitor, because that is what needed, then it won't harm your living standards, or political power at all.
  5. Fanatic militarist, materialist, oligarchy. The nation is ruled by the military. As civilian you have limited maximum wage, and rights. Joining the military unlocks all rights, and get well paid, if you survive, then you gain access to vote, and becoming candidate, and a good retirement money. The best soldiers usually end up as the nation's leader's. The imperial elite is not racist. Only combat capabilities matter. The empire is totally warmonger. In their eyes the only way for galactic unity, and peace is to conquer the galaxy. Once the galaxy is under our control we can start looking for a different direction, and give rights for different values. But until then. We must fight for power.

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