Why do other machine empires care about me genociding organics?

stellaris 6 - Why do other machine empires care about me genociding organics?

This is my first time playing as a machine empire. I can understand that organic empires freak out when I turn them into batteries after wiping out most of their population, but why do I suffer opinion penalty for genocide from other machine empires as well?

In my current run, almost half of the galaxy is filled with machine empire (one rogue servitor, one driven assimilator, and three other machine empires plus me). Apparently, all of them hate me now for enslaving a couple of meatbags, like they're doing anything better with their conquered organic population……


This seems like a really dumb oversight. Combine this with AI sector governers not knowing how to use the correct Pop template for the correct tile, I'm starting to regret purchasing Synthetic Dawn.

*Edit – It seems many people miss my point.

As can be seen here,

This is a regular machine empire, not rogue servitor, driven assimilator, or determined exterminator.


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